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February 04, 2010

We are busy, busy, busy today.  There are errands to run and clothes to launder and friends to meet with and, well, I suppose those dishes won’t wash themselves, so there’s that to do as well.

But before I get hopping, would you like to see a photo of my little honeybee on yesterday afternoon’s walk?

Of course you would!!

What is one word you would use to describe your life today?

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  1. By Kate (This Place is Now a Home) on February 04, 2010


  2. By on February 04, 2010


  3. By Megan R. on February 04, 2010


  4. By Amanda on February 04, 2010


    (this would be my word for 80% of every week! AH the joys of being a SAHM!)

  5. By Karen Bennett on February 04, 2010


  6. By *emilie* on February 04, 2010


    (i’m moving furniture around.. and finding a LOT of dust everywhere)

  7. By Mailis on February 04, 2010


    (For a cup of coffee. Otherwise, I want for nothing.)

  8. By Michelle on February 04, 2010


  9. By Stephanie on February 04, 2010


  10. By Alice on February 04, 2010


    What a sweet little honeybee!  I just want to pinch her cheeks in that picture.

  11. By Megan on February 04, 2010


  12. By Jen E @ Mommablogsalot on February 04, 2010


  13. By on February 04, 2010

    Hi Sarah, a confession - I have been lurking here for about 2 weeks. I found your site and had to start reading from the beginning. My husband and I will start to try and conceive in the next few months (he has to finish grad school first) and I just wanted to say that your posts have given me so much joy and information. Thank you, keep it up and I will be back often!
    So, I would say that my life today is pretty fantastic!

  14. By Lyndsey on February 04, 2010


    Like Rose, I am a lurker ready to step out…hi!!!!!

  15. By mommica on February 04, 2010


  16. By on February 04, 2010


  17. By Alicia S. on February 04, 2010


    It’s my little boy’s second birthday today. I called him from work at daycare to sing him happy birthday at 10:50, the time that he was born. He laughed and said, “Thank you Mommy.“  :-) Picking up ‘Thomas’ balloons and some cupcakes after work.

  18. By Elizabeth on February 04, 2010

    Love.  That about sums me up.
    Oh, and also… procrastinating (uh oh)

  19. By val on February 04, 2010

    BUSY (lots of editing and client orders being packaged today, not to mention my 2 little babies keeping me on my toes).

    I’ve been lurking on your blog since I saw it linked on Jessica Claire’s website…and well, fell in love. I love the honesty in your writing, and your little girl is flippin adorable!  : )

  20. By Alissa Ferullo on February 05, 2010


  21. By Nigel Lane on February 05, 2010

    Busy with a capital B!

  22. By Heidi on February 09, 2010

    Seeing as though you posted this last Thursday while I was watching a man on a high-wire walk between two high-rise condominiums in downtown Sarasota (without a net), I’d say my day was pretty thrilling. 

    “]Wallenda walks the walk for high-wire stunt[/url]

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