Cats in the stroller.
September 12, 2011

The other night, we waited up for hours but these two critters never came home after their adventures of the day.  All night, I heard the coyotes singing in the canyon and I worried about them.  The next morning they pranced inside and collapsed into sleep in the stroller, one in the basket and the other in the seat.

My guess is that they didn’t get much sleep that night either.

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  1. By Megan R. on September 12, 2011

    that is too cute!!!  animals are so funny!

  2. By Sparkplug on September 13, 2011

    Our cats love to curl up in the baby jogger too :-) So cute!

  3. By Heather on September 14, 2011

    Every time I see this blog title in my reader I think, Cats in the stroller and the silver spoon…little boy blue and the man in the moon. Ha.

    I’m glad my stroller isn’t the only stroller that is occupied by cats more often than a baby!

  4. By on October 02, 2011

    super adorable





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