Charlotte’s artwork: 29 months, 3 weeks.
January 18, 2012

    -  This one is for Alice, Momma.
    -  Oh yeah, baby?
    -  Yeah, and that one is for Jude.
    -  Okay.
    -  And this one is ALL MINE, Momma.  This is mine.  I am going to put it on the fridge.
    -  That sounds like a good idea.  Can I take pictures of them before we do that?
    -  Yes.  Yes, take pictures, Momma.
    -  Done!  Thank you, sweetheart.  Would you like to write more letters and make more art today or should we wait for another day?
    -  Another day will be certainly fine, Momma.  That is a very good idea.  I need to wash my hands right now.  There is JUST. SO. MUCH. GLITTER!

a) This is cute.
b) Shit, glitter is harder to clean up than I remember it being when I was a kid.  I’m going back to our outdoors-only glitter policy.  Effective immediately.

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  1. By on January 18, 2012

    Ah…glitter! As an art teacher I avoid it unless already contained in glue or for very special projects.

    Here are two sanity saving tips…put the paper to ve glittered in a low cardboard box (like the top to a box of copy paper) it keeps the glitter relatively contained and makes it easier to dump back into the container. Second…a lint roller is excellent for picking up the bits of wayward glitter that gets every where!

  2. By Sarah Christensen on January 18, 2012

    Oh my goodness, Jessica, those are brilliant ideas, thank you!!

  3. By Amber on January 18, 2012

    If you hung out with as many drag queens as
    I do, you’d know alllllllllllll about that glitter problem :P

  4. By on January 18, 2012

    Love that art! And yes, I’m certain that after the holidays, glitter won’t be used again till the next Christmas. But, for the most part, when we use it now it is shaken directly into paint or glue and then brushed on. It isn’t quite as sparkly but it doesn’t flake off after it’s dry.

  5. By on January 18, 2012

    My husband is used to the fact now that “have girl - will sparkle”. There is ALWAYS glitter somewhere in the house or on someones clothes..I remember the day my daughter wanted “pixie dust” like tinkerbell.. So I got a little pouch and filled it with purple glitter and sent her into the back yard..It was hilarious watching her throw it in the air.. But it all landed on her head and made such a mess.. But I figure that everyone needs some sparkle in their lives so it doesnt worry me at all.

  6. By on January 19, 2012


    i use a special brush that i have for the vaccum (usually especially for pet hair) to get glitter off the carpet, clothes, hair, nose.. it works wonders ! let me know if you’d like more info.





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