Cherokee trail of teans bean.
July 19, 2011

Donald has a small fraction of Cherokee in him on both sides of the family.  He has exactly zero cultural ties with the Cherokee nation, but I bought a few different Cherokee crop seeds anyway.  I thought it might be fun to grow plants his ancestors grew, eat foods they ate, and learn a bit more about their language and culture along the way.

This photograph was taken of one the Trail of Tears bean plants.  Unfortunately, the gophers were as fascinated by these plants as I was.  They pulled down every last plant we had in the ground.

One of these days, we’ll build raised beds and line the bottoms of them with chicken mesh and when we do, I fully intend to stand outside in the garden and make raspberry noises for all the gophers to hear.

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  1. By Leslie Crane on July 19, 2011

    Hi! So, tears has an “N” in the title. And when you build your raised beds will you post a how to? Because maybe by then I will have a more permanent home. Maybe.





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