Children’s Book Giveaway: Yummy: Eight Favorite Fairy Tales.
September 28, 2010

Some of my most vivid memories from my childhood involve fairy tales.  When I met Donald, I knew everything there was to know about trolls under bridges…but had no idea who Homer Simpson was.  Understandably, then, while my husband took it upon himself to rectify what he considered an abomination, I stocked up on collections of fairy tales for our family.

There are a lot of fairy tales in this house, let me tell you.  And of them all, one book stands apart from the others: Yummy: Eight Favorite Fairy Tales, written and illustrated by Lucy Cousins.

As with pretty much everything that Lucy Cousins touches, Yummy is well-loved by every toddler and preschooler that comes into our home.  Like all fairy tales, Cousins’ collection does tend to raise a few PARENTAL eyebrows at story-times in our home…but we’ve never had a kid complain.  The fact is that fairy tales are notoriously violent, what with foxes constantly gobbling down the protagonists and wolves gulping down grandmothers.  The collection in Yummy is no different, and the illustrations match.  Personally, I’ve found that none of the horribly violent fairy tales I was read as a child seem to have negatively affected me.

At any rate, Cousins is a phenomenal illustrator.  The stories are the same old stories you may remember from when you were a child, but the illustrations are vibrant and original.


Cons: None.

Borrow or Buy: Borrow.  Yes, it’s a lovely book, but let’s be honest: the real appeal of fairy tales is in the telling and the acting out and the dramatically raising and lowering your voice.  So use this book to jog your memory and get your kid interested – then tell the story of Henny Penny from memory next time.  Half the fun is in making that story all your own.

What to do: You can enter this giveaway by leaving a comment below or sending me an e-mail answering this: what is your favorite fairy tale?  All you need is an e-mail address.  The giveaway ends Sunday evening at 9 P.M. Pacific Time and the winners will be announced next Tuesday morning.  You can leave one entry every day, for a total of up to six entries.

For extra entries: This is on the honor system, so please be honest.  I will award you one extra entry if you vote for me at Top Baby Blogs.  Each day you vote, I will award you one additional entry.  I am hoping to move into the top ten so that we can slowly begin to reach more parents about the joys and importance of reading with children.

To purchase this book: You can buy Yummy: Eight Favorite Fairy Tales through (that link uses my affiliate code) or locate a local retailer through Indie

An announcement: The winner of last week’s book series giveaway was Stephanie.  Congratulations, Stephanie!

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  1. By Megan B. on September 28, 2010

    I voted for you on the Top Baby Blogs site.

  2. By Megan B. on September 28, 2010

    I never got too deep into the world of fairy tales, so most of the ones I like are the well known ones like Hansel and Gretel.  I must remedy this.  I even have a copy of Grimm’s tales that I picked up at a thrift store.

  3. By on September 28, 2010

    My favorite was always the three little pigs.  I loved architecture from an early age!

  4. By on September 28, 2010

    By the hair of my chinny chin chin, my favorite fairy tale is “The Three Little Pigs”!

  5. By on September 28, 2010

    Just voted for you on Top Baby Blogs (#17) and Top Mommy Blogs (#34)!

  6. By Alias Mother on September 28, 2010

    You know, I never enter contests but I’ve been looking for an age-appropriate fairy tale book.  When I was a kid, the Gingerbread Man was high on my list of favorites.  That and possibly Thumbelina, because what little girl isn’t entranced by Thumbelina?

  7. By on September 28, 2010

    as a young cat fanatic, i always loved Puss in Boots. and the elves and the shoemaker was pretty fun too.

    and as always i voted for you!

  8. By Mallory on September 28, 2010

    I was a huge Little Mermaid and Thumbelina fan.

  9. By on September 28, 2010

    One of my favorite fairy tales is Sleeping Beauty.

  10. By on September 28, 2010

    I voted for you on TBB.

  11. By Bethany on September 28, 2010

    I have always adored “The Princess and the Pea”. What a wonderful book this appears to be.

  12. By Bethany on September 28, 2010

    I voted :)

  13. By beyond on September 28, 2010

    i love fairy tales too. one of my favs is little red riding hood.

  14. By Stephanie on September 28, 2010

    I can’t believe I won the alphabet book! I’m so excited!!

    There are so many fairy tales that I adore. One of my favorite fairy tale picture books is Lauren Child’s version of The Princess and the Pea. It’s just fabulous.

  15. By BLR Graham on September 28, 2010

    Okay, my dear toddler’s favorite is Tinker Bell.  She made me love it too:)

    Following your lovely blog.

    If you could take a moment, I am also inviting you to add your blog and/or business domain at - a directory of blogs and businesses by moms/parents with rate and review tools. 

    I would appreciate a lot for your follow-back:).  Have a great day!

  16. By Kelly Gallagher on September 28, 2010

    Hi Sarah!

    My favourite fairy tale is Hansel and Gretel. 

    Thanks for considering me for the give-away!

  17. By on September 28, 2010

    my fairy is little red riding hood!

  18. By on September 28, 2010

    Wow - While I would love to enter this contest, I am writing just to say that I didn’t think that there was another mom out there that felt about their kiddo the way I feel about mine. I read your posts and it is like reading the things I write to my own in their journals. I have three now and I too feel like I might burst at any minute over the love I feel for them. I know that one day one of them is going to look at me and tell me that I can stop kissing and hugging for at least 5 minutes, right?? Your posts are awesome and it is good to read someone who writes about the joys and blessings of motherhood and marriage and all that instead of the barage of complaints that you find on most ‘motherhood’ blogs. Good for you and your family! And thanks for being out there!!

  19. By Megan B. on September 28, 2010

    I voted for you again.

  20. By Tracy Roberts on September 28, 2010

    voted for you on both.

  21. By Tabitha (From Single to Married) on September 29, 2010

    The illustrations look awesome!  I’ll all about good illustrations - I think they can totally make a book.

  22. By Inspired Kathy on September 29, 2010

    Favorite Fairy Tale = Tie between Beauty and the Beast and the Little Mermaid.

  23. By Michelle on September 29, 2010

    I think I’m going to have to say Cinderella has always been my favorite.  I especially like “Ever After”‘s version, where the stepsister and stepmom end up washing dishes and dying clothes!

  24. By on September 29, 2010

    The Emperor’s New Clothes was one of my favorites growing up.

  25. By beyond on September 29, 2010

    just voted for you on ttb!

  26. By beyond on September 29, 2010

    today my favorite fairy tale is Rapunzel.

  27. By on September 29, 2010

    I also love Russian fairy tales with the character Baba Yaga!

  28. By on September 29, 2010

    I voted for you on TBB again today.

  29. By Lyndsey on September 30, 2010

    Fairy Tale? I loved three little pigs :)

  30. By on September 30, 2010

    I love Rumpelstiltskin, though I also find it terrifying!

  31. By on September 30, 2010

    My vote for you was cast on TBB today!

  32. By beyond on September 30, 2010


  33. By beyond on September 30, 2010

    just voted for you on tbb.

  34. By Kristie on October 01, 2010

    My favorite fairy tale is probably Hansel and Gretel. :-)

  35. By on October 01, 2010

    My absolute favorite fairy tale of all time is probably The Twelve Dancing Princesses (one of the Brothers Grimm tales)!

  36. By on October 01, 2010

    Of course, I also voted for you today.

  37. By on October 01, 2010

    I’ve always liked Sleeping Beauty.

  38. By on October 02, 2010

    I think The Frog Prince deserves a mention because I love the idea of shapeshifting.  It’s one of my favorites, too.

  39. By on October 02, 2010

    I also voted for you on TBB today!

  40. By on October 03, 2010

    I also love Snow White—both the Brothers Grimm version and the Disney version.  One of the great aspects of the Disney version is that the dwarfs all have names!  Who couldn’t love Sneezy, Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, Happy, Bashful and Grumpy!  The Brothers Grimm version, on the other hand, has more of an edge!

  41. By on October 03, 2010

    Voted for you on TBB again today!

  42. By beyond on October 04, 2010

    just voted for you again!

  43. By beyond on October 04, 2010

    hansel and gretel made a huge impression on me as a child…





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