April 01, 2011

Okay, so we’re a little behind on weeding and tilling and planting and getting the spring garden ready.

I guess we all know what my weekend will look like…

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  1. By Courtney L @ Bundle of Wonder on April 02, 2011

    Yikes!  Good luck with that one!  I really commend you two on this endeavor!  I was wondering, did you consider joining a CSA before you decided to grow your own food?  We joined an organic one this year since I am horrible at weeding and watering…two essential things for growing.

  2. By on April 03, 2011

    Oddly enough, we live in a CSA dead zone so even though we can participate, we’re literally an hour away from all of the pick-ups and from the farms.  It sucks!  There is one CSA quite close, but when we went to visit it, it turns out to be a bit of a joke.  The woman who runs it literally produced two garlic plants last year.  TWO!  That’s it!

    Somebody did just tell me recently that there’s a farm delivery service that operates in our area, but I’m a little sketchy on the details.  I think we’ll probably look into it in the fall because then we’ll have a full year of failed garden plots under our belt so we’ll know realistically what we can and cannot do, you know?

    We’ll see!  Right now, the garden looks much better than it did in this photo, but I’m sore!  I can’t wait to get the tomatoes planted so that I can justify all the sore-ness =P

  3. By Courtney L @ Bundle of Wonder on April 04, 2011

    Wow, that’s ridiculous!  Only two???  I hope you have a successful garden!  I wish I was a better gardener, but I guess I’m just not dedicated enough.  And Wade won’t have anything to do with it.  He’d much rather be working on cars than planting seeds (or weeding, or watering…).  I think it’s because his family has always had a garden and made him help in it.  It is definitely some of the hardest work I’ve ever done, though, so I know what you mean about being sore!  It is so worth it when you start seeing things grow and then when you get to eat them, but boy oh boy, you’ll use muscles you didn’t know you had!  Maybe once Harper is older I’ll start one of our own.  And maybe after I do some more research so I know what and how to plant!

    By the way, I saw some books and thought you might be interested.  They’re by Ashley English called Handmade Living.  There are 4 books, I think, on canning/preserving, raising chickens and bees, and how to make cheese, yogurt, etc.  I’ve got them in my cart at Better World Books to buy right now!





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