November 15, 2012

Evelyn is one week old today.  We are all completely enamored of her.  Charlotte seems particularly incapable of bestowing upon her sister enough kisses.  Hardly ten minutes goes by without her requesting to kiss our little hazelnut.

Naturally, Donald and I understand.  Hardly ten minutes goes by without us showering Evie with kisses too.  There is something indescribably sweet about a brand-new baby that we all seem to find irresistible.

** Charlotte is three years and three months old.  Evie is one week old.

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  1. By Krista @ Not Mommy of the Year on November 15, 2012

    Oh, my heart. She’s beautiful, I can almost smell that new baby smell right through my screen. Congratulations!

  2. By Ashley on November 15, 2012

    Sarah, she is BEAUTIFUL. Congratulations!

  3. By on November 15, 2012

    She is perfect! Thank you for sharing your joy. Babies are the truest reminder of the miracle of life and I still can’t believe all that your family endured to get to this moment.

  4. By momiss on November 15, 2012

    Aw.  What great hair!  I’m going to have to go back and look at Charlotte again as a newborn.  I do not remember hair like this but it may be my memory.
    So glad you are all right!  Enjoy these days.  Now you know how fast they go.  ;(

  5. By on November 15, 2012

    Love her!!! Congrats again.

  6. By Julien on November 15, 2012

    YAY!  I’ve been dying for pictures!  I’m so happy to hear that Charlotte is enjoying her new sister too!  She is a beautiful baby.  I wish I could come snuggle her too.

  7. By Elly on November 15, 2012

    Oh! Congratulations hey - look at her! Aw!

  8. By on November 15, 2012

    She is so cute!!!  Congrats again!!

  9. By on November 15, 2012

    She’s so beautiful, congratulations!!

  10. By beyond on November 15, 2012

    oh she is so lovely. i wish i could give her head a little sniff…

  11. By on November 15, 2012

    Way to go!  This is the start of an amazing lifetime of love and support between sisters. Yea !  for sisters!

  12. By on November 15, 2012

    She is perfect! Congratulations to you and Donald, and to Charlotte, the cutest big sister ever!

  13. By on November 15, 2012

    Oh my goodness, she’s beautiful! Look at all that hair!

  14. By elizabeth Mackey on November 15, 2012

    Aww What a sweetie :)

  15. By gretchen from lifenut on November 15, 2012

    Awww. Melt! She’s such a little bunny.

  16. By on November 15, 2012

    Oh my word! You make such lovely babies!

  17. By on November 15, 2012

    Awwww :) What a great head of hair! Also, I notice her skin is a bit dry and peely - my now 7 week olds was like that and I found coconut oil really helped it stay moist until he lost that layer of skin :)

  18. By Sarah Christensen on November 15, 2012

    Momiss - Charlotte did NOT have the head of hair that Evelyn has!  She had very fine, very short dark hair.  It turned reddish for a few months, then she balded and when her hair grew back in it was blonde.  Evie’s hair is much longer, much thicker, and much darker.  It really amazes me how different the two are lol.

    Emily - Thanks for the heads up about coconut oil!

  19. By on November 15, 2012

    *sniff* I am just so proud of you. Makes me feel a bit weepy. She is gorgeous, and so very alert!!

    Tomorrow, we will only have the state of Texas between us. Jude and I will be in Louisiana for a couple of weeks and I so wish we could head your way for a play date and baby cuddles!! Likely not gonna happen, but a girl can dream her newborn dreams, can’t she??

  20. By Alicia S. on November 16, 2012

    I have always loved the name Evelyn, and seeing you call her Evie just makes me love it more! This picture just so perfectly captures everything brand new about her. I am officially in love. You did good! :-D

  21. By on November 16, 2012

    She is just beautiful!  Enjoy, enjoy.  What a special time for your family.

  22. By Karen on November 16, 2012

    She is perfection! Congratulations, I’m so happy for you! Seeing her picture makes me more impatient for March and the birth of our little girl. (Reading about your labor somehow didn’t have the same effect! ;-> )I love reading about how Charlotte is responding to her little sister! SO sweet….

  23. By Sarah Christensen on November 16, 2012

    Karen - If it’s any help, once my labor got started it took off =)  I ended up with forty-something hours of prodromal labor, which was exhausting but not particularly painful, and then I kicked into gear and four hours later had a baby =)

  24. By on November 16, 2012

    Oh love, love!! Congratulations to you all. She looks scrumptious. Happy to only have 3 more months to have to wait for my little kissable smoosh to get here - especially if you are going to be showing us pictures and giving new baby updates!!

  25. By Desiree Elle on November 24, 2012

    She is beautiful! Congrats Sarah! I am so excited for you and your family!  xoxo





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