For my mother-in-law.
April 08, 2009

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My mother-in-law is a good sport.  When she found this website, she perused it and then fired off an e-mail full of laughter and smiles and good will.  The e-mail also included a comment about not having seen so much of her son’s bottom since he was in diapers.  So I thought she might appreciate one that has absolutely NO BUTTOCKS WHATSOEVER.

Also, this is hands-down Donald’s favorite home repair photograph.  He thinks he looks like a bad-ass because you can see sawdust flying around.  At any rate, he is cutting floor boards here.

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  1. By Elly on April 08, 2009

    Haha, this IS a great shot! What cracks me up though, is his crisp and clean white shirt and perfect hair! A tidy home repair guy? Wow! Almost unheard of where I’m from :)





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