February 27, 2009

*** For an update on what we think of gDiapers, please click here.

Donald and I are big fans of sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyles.  One of our most significant goals is to be more GREEN, which for us means making decisions that are fiscally and socially pragmatic as well as beneficial for our environment.  It is a gradual process, this green thing, but we started by changing a couple light bulbs and a few years later, we’re discussing milk goats.  Milk goats.

As in goats.  That produce milk.  For the drinking.  Milk.  Goats.  In Los Angeles County.
It’s just a matter of time before Japanese tourists stop by to laugh at me on their way to Disneyland.

Anyway, one of our biggest concerns about having a baby was continuing to make choices with the environment in mind.  There are so many awesome products for children out there that it’s tempting to forget that Company X dumps harmful chemicals into local streams or that Product Y requires about ten million trees.

One of the products we’ve been considering as a result is the gDiaper.  We had never heard of the gDiaper until a few months ago (ah, sweet Google, how we love thee), but the more we read, the more our interest has been peaked.  Plus, they’re cute.  Do you know how hard it is to find good-quality eco-friendly products that are also pleasant to look at?!  Let’s put it this way: the quest for the Holy Grail may very well be more fruitful.

Recently, a package of gDiapers arrived and this is what we found.

© 2009 Helios Media, Inc.  Please click here to see this image on Flickr.

We’re looking forward to trying them out, but I’ll be honest with you.  I can’t quite figure out how they aren’t just a huge mess waiting to happen.  But since we’ve pumped good money into these suckers, I’m hoping they work out!

What choices does your family make with the environment in mind?

*** For an update on what we think of gDiapers, please click here.

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  1. By Julia on February 27, 2009

    PLEASE share your experience with the gdiapers once you get to use them!!  Tyson and I learned about them in one of the classes we took at the hospital and almost bought them.  We then decided…“well..let’s just use regular diapers first and then switch to something like this…“  Well, it’s been 7 mo and we’re still using regular diapers.  We use 7th generation wipes and sometimes their diapers though.

    Regarding the environment…We use a ton of 7th gneration and method products, recylced paper towels, and I’m very careful about the toys I buy my son.

  2. By Tabitha (From Single to Married) on February 27, 2009

    You’re right - they are cute.  And I, too, am curious at how they turn out.  It seems like a good idea in theory, but in practice I don’t know.

  3. By Moose on February 27, 2009

    I had a dream about milk goats last night. If you figure out how to stash and care for milk goats in an urban area, let me know.

  4. By nic on February 27, 2009

    hi.  just wanted to comment you back.  thanks for visiting my site.  hope your pregnancy is going well.  enjoying your blog and will be back for updates.  :) 

    oh, and the diapers…  good friends of mine use them and swear by them.  aren’t these the ones you have to swirl around in the toilet though???  kudos to you for your ecofriendliness.  :)


  5. By Stephanie on February 27, 2009

    OH MY GOD they are cute!!!

    And in response to your comment—our midwife actually told us we can take the baby on our bikes as soon as he or she can hold his or her head up. Obviously, in a carrier. I’m not sure if we will, she said that it’s whatever we’re (us & the baby) are comfortable with.

  6. By Allison on February 27, 2009

    I think it’s great that you are trying out gDiapers.

    We did disposable diapers for the first five (?) months, and then switched to cloth. I use a huge array of pocket diapers and I LOVE them. We didn’t go with gDiapers because of the cost (more expensive than disposables) but they are just adorable, and I love the idea of them.

    As far as other green stuff: We probably take about a month to go through a single roll of paper towels, we buy everything with the least packaging possible, and the “greenest” options available when we can afford it.

    We also drive a big honkin’ SUV, so I hope my other green stuff negates that a bit ;)

  7. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on February 27, 2009

    Julia - I’ll definitely share! =)

    Moose - Yeah, that whole urban-ish thing is the biggest problem.  That and alfalfa.  Where am I supposed to store bales of alfalfa?!

    Allison - We’ve been looking at a few cloth pocket diapers too, especially the Fuzzi Bunz.  The reason we decided to check out the gDiaper was because we wanted to eliminate the wet bag for family members who might take the baby out in public, and it seems like the gDiaper is a nice alternative to disposables in that situation.

  8. By Lisa on February 28, 2009

    I have used cloth for a really long time. The new cloth diapers are so easy that it is really no big deal at all.  The soaking in the toilet is not the reality. If that were true then I wouldn’t even consider it. We use Bumkins although there are a few old Kushies that still get used from time to time.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. By violetismycolor on February 28, 2009

    I’ve not heard of these, but I am so far out of that market.  They sound great, though.  I was one of those people who used disposables, but 25 years ago we weren’t thinking about the landfills, though we should have.

  10. By Heidi on March 01, 2009

    gDiapers look cute, but how much do they cost?

    As for me and Joe’s contributions to environmental sustainability, we save our veggie oil for an Alaskan crab fisherman who powers his truck on used vegetable oil.

    We grocery shop using canvas bags. We pedal our bikes whenever possible. We drive Honda CARS. We recycle everything even though the City of St. Pete has no recycling policy and no curb pick-up services. Which means we take our recycling to a drop-off center and sort it ourselves every two weeks.

    And recently, we started “letting it mellow if it’s yellow.“

    We buy organic crap every now and then. (We always drink organic milk and creamer because we think it tastes better.) And we changed all our light bulbs to the corkscrew kind that don’t kill polar bears.

    Actually, I didn’t think we were greenies, until I started typing this comment.

  11. By Jenna @ newlyweds on March 01, 2009

    Good for you!

  12. By Angella on March 01, 2009

    Those look ADORABLE!

    We never did cloth (are lazy) but recycle anything and everything.

  13. By Napmom on March 01, 2009

    Kudos to you for the gDiapers.  I am going to google them to see what they are all about, once I leave this comment.

    We recycle, of course.  We use Sigg water bottles, instead of buying plastic bottles all of the time.  We drive regular cars (not SUVS or even a mini-van). 

    We could be doing more.  Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. By Napmom on March 01, 2009

    I"m back.  I checked them out.  Flushable.  Interesting.  Very, cool!  Can’t wait to hear your reedback (in a few months).  I may be giving them as a shower gift in the near future.

  15. By ExtraordinaryMommy on March 01, 2009

    Can’t wait to hear what you think.  We were about out of diaper-time when I first heard about them, but think they seem fantastic!

  16. By Eddo on March 02, 2009

    Wait, I just read your profile and i don’t think you were at the Blogger DInner! You just look like a girl who was there! She was pretty too if that’s any consolation.

    Great picture of your husband, looks like he suffers from noassatall disease… but maybe that’s because those pants are baggy?

    Well, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so I’ll be back!

    Eddo of Posted Note”

  17. By Janet on March 02, 2009

    My sister-in-law used cloth diapers for all 3 of her babies. She’s a rock star.

    I never took up the cause. I know my 3 babies contributed heftily to the landfill with their disposable diapers and I will feel eternally guilty. I was just too tired to deal.

    Speaking of goats, last spring we we decided to raise backyard chickens. We live in the city but our bylaw says you can have chickens as long as there is a decent radius between them and your neighbours. So all last summer we didn’t buy any eggs, as our two handsome brown hens laid enough eggs for our little family of five. This summer, we are going to raise four and my kids want to sell some of the eggs to friends.

  18. By Heidi on March 02, 2009

    Yup. He looks like Jason Segel.

  19. By TheFeministBreeder on March 02, 2009

    We do cloth and we absolutely love them.  They’re not nearly as gross or inconvenient as I assumed they were.  I’m the farthest thing ever from a “hippie/granola” type, so you won’t catch me doing something just for the sake of it.  But cloth diapered bottoms are just too freaking cute.  And today’s cloth is so different from cloth from the yester years.

    I’m in love with the Thirsties line.  If you’re interested in cloth (because those gDiapers get dang expensive and I hear they can leak) then check out Thirsties or BumGenius.  Good stuff.

  20. By Amelia Sprout on March 03, 2009

    I would have done cloth if we didn’t have full time daycare.  We only found ones that wanted to deal with disposables, or I would have done something like the G Diapers.  My mom cloth diapered me, and my brother, long before there were wet sacks and other things to make even going out more doable. 

    Let us know how they work out.

  21. By Elizabeth on March 03, 2009

    Cloth diapering isn’t that bad. We use Fuzzi Bunz and Blueberry diapers. They may even be easier than gdiapers in the long run.

    Lovely husband. ;)

  22. By TB on March 04, 2009

    Maybe your experience will be different, but I gave the G dipes a shot on three separate periods in my son’s life and they leaked every single time. I don’t know if lt’s because breastfed poop is so much runnier or if maybe my son was just a champion pooper/pee-er but they just didn’t work for us.

    I really, really wanted them to be a good option, but they just weren’t for us.

    If you use them and find they do work for you, let me know. I have an entire package plus a set of the larger size outer pants with your name on them. (Well, actually they have a cute little “g” on them, but you know what I mean.)

  23. By SusanB on March 05, 2009

    Milk goats would be SO GREAT. Right now I’d just settle for a few chickens, though. Mmm. Eggs from my own backyard…delicious…

    In my experience, g diapers are generally pretty good, and definitely convenient for outings as you mentioned…but a couple of thoughts for you:

    1. If you end up trying out cloth at any point or if you’re open to trying them, you can always use the g diaper cover and add your own cloth liner instead of buying all new covers (and/or using the flushable liners with the g covers). The g diapers are some of the cutest and nicest-fitting covers out there, IMO. But using the flushable liners make it the most expensive option for diapering. =(

    2. If you want to be eco-conscious, you could also check out part-time elimination communication…Google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about since it would take a novel to fill you in, but I highly recommend trying that part-time. We have put our son on the potty part-time since he was about 6 months old, and it cuts down on our need for ANY diaper, and therefore on our use of resources, AND it helps them be a lot more familiar with the concept of potty use in the future. Very handy!

    Just a couple of thoughts I like to pass on so you don’t have to figure it ALL out for yourself…I’m sure you’ll feel free to take it or leave it as it suits you. =)

    Love the pic!

  24. By Jennifer W. on April 21, 2009

    I am avoiding work right now and thought “Hmm, who’s that cute guy holding those adorable brown pants on his hand?“  I did a little gDiaper research and I really, really want to know how this goes.  I can’t believe you don’t know if you’re having a boy or a girl!!!

  25. By tracey on April 27, 2009

    I used gDiapers and loved them.

    FYI, I used disposables on my boys and disposables for a while with my daughter before switching. They leak just as much IF NOT MORE than the gDiapers. It’s a fact of life: Diapers leak. No matter what they are made of. Getting a good, tight diaper is the key. Make sure they fit your little one’s bottom before deciding you do or do not like them.

    You can check out my posts at my site. I have several from back in the diapering days…

    Good luck! They ARE adorable. And addictive. I actually LONGED for more diaper covers. Pathetic!

  26. By on May 18, 2009

    I use FuzziBuns( and have since she was born, a year ago), which are cloth diapers and super easy to use. I tried gdiaper and HATED them. They are not user friendly at all. Oh, and my FuzziBuns don’t leak. Only if she’s peed so much they are totally saturated. They’re expensive, but if you figure it out they’re the same cost as using disposables. Maybe less, since I think things in LA are more expensive than anywhere else in the normal world.

  27. By Girlbert on May 27, 2009


    I’m not a mommy, nor on my way to being one, but I get such a kick out of your blog!  I really enjoy your writing, photos, and the chronicles of your pregnancy.  You must be the cutest, most insightful, funniest pregnant chick EVER! 

    I saw this pic in the sidebar today, and nearly wet myself with delight.  If you want a good giggle, just take a peek at my blog. It’s like they were designed to match!  As if I needed one more reason to be in a BIG EFFING HURRY to have children!  HA!

  28. By Rebecca on June 09, 2009

    I found your blog from a comment you left at  I love your photos and your writing.

    My baby is almost 4 months old.  We’ve been using cloth diapers since he was 1 week old (waited until he passed all the meconium, since it stains).  I’ve mostly used cotton prefolds, but I did have some fitted diapers that I used in the early weeks.  I love Thirsties covers (to second a recommendation from an earlier comment).

    Other things we do to be “green”: regular cars (not “gas guzzlers”); re-usable cloth shopping bags; recycling all glass, plastic, cans, and paper; Brita filter & water bottle instead of bottled water; organic food whenever possible; installed CFLs (twisty lightbulbs); use mostly cloth towels instead of paper; exclusive breastfeeding (not usually thought of as “green” but it uses way fewer resources to produce and requires no packaging or transportation).  I really want to start a compost pile and/or a garden but it’s cold here most of the year.  Plus, for either project, I’d need my husband’s help and he doesn’t seem interested.

  29. By Tyson on June 10, 2009

    My wife ordered gDiapers, and I made her return them because it’s almost a given that the poop is going to squirt out the sides and onto the cloth / plastic part on a regular basis.  Just one look at them convinced me of the inevitability.  I didn’t relish the thought of having that much poop swishing around in the washing machine with my polo shirts.

    We’ve used Pampers pretty much the whole time and they didn’t usually leak.

    Good luck cutting open the disposable part prior to flushing - are you planning on having dedicated poop scissors?

    Best benefit of gDiapers:  super cute diapered-baby pictures.

  30. By Babing at High Altitude on June 17, 2009

    We invested in gdiapers too. I was so excited to use them. We had the whole starter kit, and months of supplies. NEVER used them. The diaper liner has all of these weird plastic things sticking out that just scratched up my baby. She is outrageously sensitive, and would just cry with those on. Plus the waistband was super-tight, and I felt like I was squishing her belly too much.  I wanted to be green, and do my part, but you quickly realize that you would rather avoid adding to the things that make your baby cry. Hopefully, you have a better experience with them though. Like I said, my daughter’s skin is just super sensitive, and I have to be really careful.

  31. By on June 17, 2009

    I just got an offer from gdiapers, a special for gmums and such and it is 6 little g’s for $40!!! That is $30 off what it will be online when it comes out!! email me for the code if

    Also, I love them and have never had a BLOW OUT like with sposies, the liner hangs on pretty well to most of the goo. :) ~Jaimey

  32. By Elizabeth on July 13, 2009

    Just saw this post on the sidebar and wanted to add my two cents.  You can also add in a cloth liner if you want to go full cloth and save some more money.  I found the g to be a little pricier because of liner replacements.  I know that they are a great diaper, though.  The bumGenius inserts are incredibly absorbent and I have heard that they fit in a gDiaper as well.  You’d have to try it out, though.

  33. By on July 19, 2009

    Diaper Serive..diaper service…diaper service. Never had one single case of diaper rash, always had soft cotton diapers handy, can’t begin to say how wonderful it was. When I figured the cost vs. doing them myself (soap, water, electricity) or disposables (cost, environmental issues, inconvenience to having to run to the store all the them—air pollution, etc. etc.) it was the best.

  34. By Nin on July 21, 2009

    Planning to switch to cloth diapers when our little one is out of his 12-18 diapers/day phase. Don’t know which ones to get though as breastfed poop is soooo sloshy.

  35. By DoobieRoo on September 25, 2009

    Used gDiapers with my second - LOVE THEM!  Have plans to use them with number three (whenever that is!)

    The trick is the fit - gotta make sure you get them on correctly.  But honestly - a little practice (maybe 5-6 times) and it was a cinch.  There are leaks sometimes (just like with disposables I might add!), but that is just life with baby.

    Did you see they have cloth inserts now?  I can’t wait to see if they work well!

  36. By Cambria Copeland on October 28, 2009

    I’ve tried the G Diapers twice now…  The first time was great, but couldn’t get dad on board.  I just switched back recently to combat diaper rash on my thirsty, not nursing anymore 15 month old and discovered that she pees way too much!  They recommended doubling up on the insert, which makes things much more bulky, costs twice the money (and they are not cheap) and it’s more in the garbage (or compost or toilet - which requires lots of water to flush). I’m back to the drawing board.  I hope they are working well for you, as I post this months after the fact.

  37. By on November 15, 2009

    We LOVE the gDiapers, I hope they are working for you. My son started using them once he hit 10 pounds (they weren’t a good fit before that). We use the flushable/compostable/disposable inserts, not the cloth, and they don’t have all of that gel gunk that non “green” disposables have… so the “shelf life” is a bit shorter. As long as we change him every 3 hours, we’re fine.





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