November 02, 2010

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  1. By on November 02, 2010

    So cute! My Charlotte loves her grocery cart too. One day I tried to pretend to be the cashier. I got out one of our reusable grocery sacks and had her pull her cart up to the ottoman. Then I took an item out of her cart, dragged it across the ottoman and said “BOOP!“ and put it in the grocery sack.

    Well. She was not going to let Mama have all the fun. So she started throwing the groceries in the sack (skipping the ottoman “scanner”) and saying “BEE!“

    I tried to get her to let me be the shopper while she was the cashier, but no, she wanted to do both. My husband says she prefers the self check-out lane. :)

  2. By Julie on November 02, 2010

    That is the cutest thing ever! Where is she?

  3. By Sarah Christensen on November 02, 2010

    Julie - The La Habra Children’s Museum =)  That room has a little grocery area and a carousel.  I can take her anywhere else in the museum - the caboose!  the story exhibit with a billion books!  the art center!  the shadow box!  the nature walk room!  - and all she does is spend a couple minutes looking around then walk back to the grocery carts and the carousel.

    Super cute.

  4. By Cynthia Krajcarski on November 04, 2010


    I will die a happy person from having seen this.





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