Guess where we ended up?
January 12, 2012

    -  Okay, kiddo, are you ready?  Let’s roll!
    -  Yeah, Momma!  TO THE PARK!
    -  Wait, what?  No, we’re going to the train station, darling.  For a picnic, remember?
    -  Oh, oh yes.  The train station is SO FUN!
    -  Yes it is.  Now let’s get that cutie-patootie into the car.
    -  But we need to go to the park right now, Momma.  The park is, is MORE FUN!  It has swings!
    -  Well, how about this?  We’ll get on the road and if you continue to feel strongly about the park then we’ll go there instead of the train station, deal?
    -  Yeah, Momma!  We are going TO THE PARK!  Only to the park, Momma!  TO THE PARK!  WITH SWINGS!

In other unrelated news, I made up my mind that I was going to make this roasted vegetable enchilada dish last night.  And I totally made it and I was super proud of myself…and then I realized that I had forgotten THE TORTILLAS.  I had them on the counter, I just forgot to put them into the casserole dish when I was layering everything.  So it was cheesy vegetables and salsa with tortillas on the side for dinner instead.

Please tell me your brain periodically vacates the premises too.  Anyone?

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  1. By on January 12, 2012

    periodically is more like USUALLY, for me ! but its funny, it really started when i became a mom.

  2. By Tabitha (From Single to Married) on January 12, 2012

    Oh - I have days like that too, most definitely!  I packaged a return yesterday to take to the post office and right before leaving I realized I had left out my receipt which means I had to unpackage everything and start over.  Argh!

  3. By on January 12, 2012

    Haha, we’ve had days like that, where we leave the house with destination in mind and end up somewhere else entirely.

    Or just end up turning around and coming home - like last week when we got in the car and he fell asleep almost instantly.

  4. By on January 12, 2012

    No Sarah, my brain never suddenly leaves the premises. I mean, pulling into a parking place, leaving the car in gear, not setting the handbrake and turning off the ignition is normal right? Not noticing the car moving down the slight slope of the parking lot is normal too right?  Thank heavens for my kiddo who said, Ah mom, the car is moving….?

  5. By Thrifty Vintage Kitten on January 12, 2012

    Constantly! My life has become one interuption after another. It’s a wonder I get anything accomplished!

  6. By on January 12, 2012

    Oh, my gosh I had one of those days on Tuesday.  I left early for work, but before I went, I decided to bake some bread so my lovely husband and son would have fresh baked bread to wake up to.  We use a bread maker, so I just had to carefully measure out the ingredients, throw them in and go.  My husband sent me a picture later that morning of what I had cooked.  I accidentally left out the mixer blade! So it was a flour patty with a little puddle of yeast on top.  Oops!  At least with yours, you still had a tasty meal at the end.

  7. By Sara on January 12, 2012

    Ha! We go to the park because of the SLIDE!“ More slide, Momma. More slide.“ And yes, my brain is on vacation, where? This was clearly evident when I left the groceries in the car overnight, and came out THE NEXT MORNING to a puddle of melted vanilla ice cream in my trunk. Awesome.

  8. By Meagan on January 12, 2012

    1. She is adorable!
    2. Thats hilarious about the soup, because I totally did that the other day when making dinner!

  9. By on January 12, 2012

    I once made a cucumber and onion salad and forgot the onions.  And my sister rushed one day to the vet for an appointment with her dog only to realize she had left the dog at home!  Yes, we all do it!

  10. By Widelawns on January 12, 2012

    That recipe looks really good. Did Charlotte like it too? I would love if you would post more about food, especially about feeding a toddler. I’m always looking for healthy ideas to feed my little one, who can be kind of picky about veggies, and well, everything.

  11. By Sarah Christensen on January 12, 2012

    Widelawns - Charlotte *loves* it - I was really surprised!  I cut the cumin by half, substituted an anaheim pepper for the poblano (our grocery didn’t have poblano), and added in a chopped-up tomato.  Today, I took the leftovers and made a sandwich wrap with them and for whatever reason she didn’t want to touch it when we were out, but when we got home I mashed up some avocado for her to dip the wrap in and she was all about it.

    I do keep meaning to write more about food, but I never know what to say lol.  It’s mostly just “I found this online and tried it.  It was good.“  I’ll work on it!

  12. By Cindy A on January 12, 2012

    Sounds good!  Will have to try!  :)  Bailey loves dipping anything and everything!  I would soo do this, forget the tortillas!  Looks fun at the park, we must plan something, sorry life has been too crazy lately!!

  13. By Taryn on January 12, 2012

    I’m so jealous that you get to go to the park in January! Park season ended for us in November, and will hopefully start up again in March. Oh, to live in southern California!

  14. By Natalie on January 13, 2012

    I’m so glad you liked those enchiladas… even without the tortillas. (Everyone has mommy-brain moments sometimes!) Thanks for linking up!

  15. By Meg @ Moments Like This on January 13, 2012

    Could you explain this post a little more?

    I’m just wondering why you let her make the decision about where to go? Not that I think it’s a problem but I’m just wondering because in my head I would not have let my daughter make that choice..I guess because I’m afraid that she will learn to think that she can do whatever she wants and life isn’t that way….But then I think that is a little harsh, sometimes…

  16. By Sarah Christensen on January 13, 2012

    Meg - To be honest, this isn’t something I spend much time thinking about.  I try to give Charlotte as much say in her daily life as possible.  When a battle is worth fighting - say, if she wanted to juggle kitchen knives while standing on the roof in her underwear - I stand firm.  But does it ultimately matter to me what clothes she’s wearing or whether we go to the train station or the park?  No.  I don’t worry about her learning that she can do whatever she wants, because 95% of her life is dictated by me and all of her behavior is subject to my scrutiny.  I imagine that must feel very frustrating to a child, to anyone, to have so little control over your life.  So I don’t mind handing her some things.  I think it teaches her how to contribute to family decisions and I hope she grows up thinking that I listen to her input.

    At any rate, on days when it is just the two of us, like the day we went to the park instead of the train station, her wants have more weight than on days when we are scheduled to spend time with other people, when we have errands to run, etc.

  17. By on January 14, 2012

    ps. thanks for the dish link. we didn’t have tortillas at home, but i made the rest anyways and it was !good!

  18. By on January 14, 2012

    Today I locked myself out of the house that I am currently house sitting. Jude and I were going to make use of the lovely day…and the moment I closed the door behind me and heard the lock click, I realized we were in a bit of trouble.

    Ended up hanging with the neighbors until the homeowner’s sister in law came by with the spare key. *sigh* Half mommybrain, half automatic locks.

    Charlotte is so cute… :) And I like that you give her some say in how she spends her day. Everybody needs to get their way sometime.





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