Happenings: Lapse.
February 07, 2010

It occurred to me recently that it had been awhile since I’ve posted a collection (however small) of snapshots.  So here I have one.  Just simple snaps of our time together as it flies by, little memories that I would otherwise forget and usually delete, forgettable moments in our home.  Our happenings.

Motherhood: all love begins and ends there.  - Robert Browning

1.  I took her outside to see the rain.  As soon as she felt the water dripping off the roof and onto her hand, she started laughing.  She laughed with her hand outstretched and I shivered as she splashed me and we stood there together until the rain stopped.

2.  We took a time-out to nurse in the car after the play-date was over.  She twirled my hair between her fingers and made soft, happy sounds as she suckled.  You are so precious to me, I whispered.  It felt like we were the last two people on the planet.  And that was alright.

3.  I washed every toy she has.  I scrubbed the floor and I laundered blankets and I put the plastic spoons in the dishwasher.  But all she wanted to play with was the foam bit I’d meant to throw in the trash.

4.  After the mastitis, I ached and my arms shook when I carried her.  So Donald convinced me to put her in the stroller instead.  As we took off, he leaned over to give her a kiss good-bye.  Fifty feet later, I pulled her out of the stroller.  It was a shorter walk, but I loved holding her so.  When we came back a few minutes later, he chuckled.  Then he leaned over to give me a kiss hello.

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  1. By on February 07, 2010

    Oh, I just love moments like #2. They make my heart ache so much… I know those are the moments I’m going to go to when she’s 16 and breaks my heart.

    And my daughter wants to play with the ‘trash’ too! 1/3 of her toys are empty water bottles, empty coffee cups and Baby Mum-Mum wrappers.

  2. By on February 07, 2010

    Oh yeah, one more thing… Wonderful shots Sarah! They all tell a story on their own… Just gorgeous.

  3. By Dandy on February 07, 2010

    Such touching pictures.

  4. By RestlessMama on February 07, 2010

    Each photo is so special.

    Lovely of you to share.

  5. By Stephanie on February 07, 2010

    Ack! Is there a way to follow via email? For some reason my blog keeps messing with your url link and I’m no longer getting updated when you post something new.

  6. By Jen & The Amazing Trips on February 08, 2010

    Ugh. If these pictures don’t make me want another baby, I don’t know what would.  Now, I’ll just need to convince my husband that a fifth child would be a good idea…

    Just beautiful. :)





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