February 01, 2010

After she wakes up in the morning, Charlotte nurses.  After she nurses, we read a book.  After we read a book, I change her diaper.  And after I change her diaper, we roll around on the alphabet mat in the living room together.

As we roll around on the alphabet mat, I catch myself thinking that there is nothing I would rather do than this, nowhere I would rather be than here.

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  1. By Mailis on February 01, 2010

    Oh God…that scrunchy smile was just what I needed this morning. She is so sweet! (and her hair is really starting to come in) :)

    And, I totally relate. Every moment with Jude is the most wonderful moment I have ever had.

  2. By *emilie* on February 01, 2010

    all those little things that make a mother’s day sound so amazinly boring to everybody else. yet to a mother, every moment is the best.moment.ever.

  3. By Heidi on February 01, 2010

    Yes, I’m with Mailis. That scrunchy smile should win an Oscar.

  4. By Spruce Hill on February 01, 2010

    Oh my why not she is so pretty. She is getting so big and strong too, holding her head up! Enjoy!

  5. By mommica on February 01, 2010

    I dig.

  6. By Dandy on February 01, 2010

    Clearly there is nothing she would rathr do either!

  7. By sara on February 01, 2010

    oh my goodness!  that smile is adorable.  seeing/reading this made my morning!

  8. By Alicia S. on February 01, 2010

    It only gets better, too.

  9. By Heather on February 01, 2010

    OH that face!  what a beauty!  that gorgeous smile makes my heart melt :)

  10. By on February 01, 2010

    Is that an electrical outlet on the wall behind her with NO FACE PLATE?! Hunny. You have a baby. Make your house safe, please.

  11. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on February 01, 2010

    Kristen - Yes, that is an outlet without a face plate.

    I understand that you are concerned about the well-being of my child, so please remember that nobody wants her safe more than I do.

    The fact of the matter is that Donald and I are currently in the process of doing quite a bit of electrical work, which means that until we are finished (probably this weekend), we have things like outlets without face plates adorning our walls.  To counter this, we also make sure that we do everything in our power to keep Charlotte safe - we do not leave her alone in a potentially hazardous environment a few feet from an exposed outlet, for example.

    In a situation like mine (we live in a fixer-upper) (major fixer-upper) (as in: literally falling apart at the seams) (so we spend all of our free time working on it), what it comes down to is this: I cannot always guarantee that every square inch of my home is going to be safe.  We do our best, work our fastest, and little by little things fall into place.  But there are times, like when we are in the midst of a shit ton of electric work, when some areas are not safe.  What I can guarantee is that I always parent my child so that SHE IS SAFE.

    Again, I understand that you are concerned for her well-being.  Just please be assured that I am not dumb enough to put her in harm’s way.

  12. By Julia on February 01, 2010

    I’m impressed you read immeditately!  Espeically when my boy was 6 months - there were some pretty early mornings and I don’t think I was awake enough!

  13. By Megan on February 01, 2010

    Def didn’t see the electrical outlet.  Kids are resilient : ), when one of my friends left her little boy w/her hub he put his slobbery fingers in the outlet and got electrocuted…they live. 

    When did the little baby go from skinny little infant to cutest set of chubby cheeks ever????  She is stinkin’ cuuute!

  14. By jena simms on February 01, 2010

    Love, love, love this time with the babies. My time is gone. Mine are now 12, 10 and 7. I look at pictures and feel like it was yesterday. Keep up the good work, your a great mama.

  15. By Megan R. on February 01, 2010

    Love the smile!  What a total ham!

    And, why is it as moms we have to answer to EVERYONE else.  Is it not bad enough that our mothers-in-law, or other relatives, or friends question our ability to parent…let alone perfect internet-strangers?  I know that I am often putting disclaimers on my blog so that people DON’T offer advice or think that I am a bad mom…but there will always be someone.

    So glad to know that you aren’t going to let Charlotte play unspervised with the uncovered electrical outlets!!!  Ummm….like you really would!  Anyone who reads your blog on a regular basis should know that you would do anything to protect and nourish that sweet little girl!

    (stepping off of that soap box now….)

  16. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on February 01, 2010

    Julia - I got in the habit of reading first thing in the morning because when she was smaller, sometimes the whole day would go by and we wouldn’t have picked up a book.  It was really important to me, so I just moved it forward.  Now sometimes I don’t get to shower =P

    Megan - Thanks for the vote of confidence =)  That said, I can understand that people are concerned or trying to be helpful, but I feel the same way.  I do my best, but I can’t please everyone.

  17. By Alicia on February 01, 2010

    My husband and I are SLOWLY replacing all of our outlets with those tamper resistant ones… this of course requires replacing aluminum with copper wire and all the other gritty insides that go along with it.

    This is our second fixer-upper, so I can totally relate to a house under constant construction.

    Judging from what I see on a daily basis, it’s rather clear that you would never harm you little lady.

  18. By Alicia S. on February 02, 2010

    LOL I remember when I bought those little plastic outlet covers, not the plates, but the actual little covers that make life that much more annoying by having to be removed everytime you need to plug something in…

    And while my husband was watching him one day, our son kindly went around the dining room collecting them for us, and when I came home from work, handed them to me just as politely as can be.

    “Here go, Mommy!“

    That was my one shot at being a good mom. After that I gave up. ;-)

  19. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on February 02, 2010

    Alicia S - Bwahahahaha!

    Alicia - We’ve got those tamper resistant ones too.  I know all the work is worth the peace of mind, but HOLY COW is there a lot of work involved lol.  Grounding and replacing wire and blah de blah blah.

    That said, when we are done with each outlet and there’s a nice tamper-resistant one on, I spend an awful lot of time staring thinking it looks so lovely just because it’s done =P

  20. By Elizabeth on February 02, 2010

    I adore her cheeks.  ADORE!!

  21. By Meg on February 03, 2010

    That smile really is just too cute—absolutely adorable!

  22. By Julia on February 03, 2010

    Great plan on moving it forward!  I suppose that’s the very best way (and to show her how important it is!)!  However…I thought about you this morning and was about to grab a book - but my throat was really dry after just waking up (not usually like that though) and I just had to say “forget it -  I gotta have breakfast myself first!“ :)





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