I guess we’re going spider-hunting today.
October 12, 2011

One of my very favorite parts of motherhood is watching Charlotte’s budding fascination with the natural world.  Over the course of four days, our family watched this spider (some sort of orb weaver, I think) spin and re-spin it’s web, catch tasty insect morsels, and devour them.  Charlotte was astounded by each step of the process.

Yesterday, I found several black widows living in dusty webs between my pots of vegetable sprouts.  I pulled the pots far enough apart to show her the web structure, the egg sacs, and the spiders’ abdomens.  We talked about the dangers of black widow bites, how its important to tell someone if any insect or spider bites her, and what happens when the sacs of eggs mature and hatch.  Later we looked at photographs of spiders in books at the library and I looked up a few myths about spiders to share with her.

She must have loved every bit of it because this morning the first thing she did when she woke up was beg for more.

What is/are your kid(s) fascinated by?  What were you fascinated by as a child?

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  1. By Lindsey on October 12, 2011

    I did not care for spiders at all until my fi-ants told me that spiders eat their webs daily. Fascinating!

    As a child I was fascinated by horses & trees - those were my magic. I couldn’t get enough of either - it’s lucky that I grew up in the country in the Pacific NW: plenty of horses & trees for me to play with, pretend with, dream with…

  2. By on October 12, 2011

    Hi Sarah,

    I was wondering how you go about teaching your young child about the dangers of something like a black widow bite without scaring her too much. I still remember a few cautionary tales from my parents that scared the bejesus out of me. Is it in the tone? How do you do it?
    Thanks for sharing your life with us here. I look forward to reading your blog each day.
    ps> what happened to the black widows? Did you smoosh them or let them be?

  3. By on October 12, 2011

    Spiders are the only creatures I can’t bring myself to appreciate, I even think leeches are pretty amazing, but spiders creep me out. I’ve told my husband when it comes to anything with eight legs he’s going to have to be the one to make sure our kids don’t think they’re monsters because I’m not convinced. lol
    Every time I see one I remind myself it can’t hurt me, probably doesn’t even care that I’m there and most certainly will not bite my face off, all the while the uncontrollable urge to flee is building. I always give in and turn tail. :)
    I think if I saw a black widow in my yard I would run screaming like a banshee and refuse to go outside for a week.  I wish I could be more like you about it.

  4. By Jessica on October 12, 2011

    Where are you located? I need to ask, because the more I read the more I am sure you are in Utah or Colorado. I’m a Utah girl with a great love for the outdoors too. My son is just a touch younger than Charlotte and loves learning about everything in nature as much as your sweet girl.

  5. By Tara on October 12, 2011

    I try to appreciate spiders as much as I possibly can, but honestly I’m completely terrified. Maybe if I would have been exposed to them in a healthy and safe way as a kid that fear wouldn’t be so intense. I think it’s great that you are teaching Charlotte about the natural world and giving her the tools to enjoy it’s creatures in a responsible way.

  6. By Alicia S. on October 13, 2011

    Matthew has this weird fascination with needing to know where we get every single food from. Crackers, burger, cheese, bacon, cauliflower, onions, ice cream… It’s hilarious to us because we spend every night at dinner explaining to him the process of how everything on our plate got from the ground/animal/whatever it came from to the factory that packaged it/processed it/WHATEVER it did to it, to the grocery, to us. It’s cool because we grew a pumpkin (ONE pumpkin, lol) this year… and he’s explained to every one on of our neighbors who now have pumpkins sitting on their front porches, the whole process of how a pumpkin is grown from a seed, then picked from the vine, then turned into pumpkin mush for mommies to makes into pumpkin rolls with cream-cheese filling!

  7. By on October 13, 2011

    Right now Isla is completely fascinated with letters and numbers. She tells me which letters are on our shirts, in pictures, in books, everywhere.





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