I have been reduced to talking about cat turds.
June 28, 2011

Last night, determined to outwit the birds that keep eating my seeds before they germinate, I went out at dusk to plant new melon, squash, and gourd seeds in our field.  The cats were, naturally, very curious about what I was doing.  They followed me around the field like little shadows.

At one spot, I turned the soil over.  I dug out weeds, added compost, moistened the ground, and dug a large pit in the middle for the seeds.  Then I turned around to grab my bag of seeds from the ground behind me, and when I turned back LESS THAN A SECOND LATER, one of my cats was perched two inches away from my face at the edge of my seed pit taking a shit.  Grunting and pushing and the works.

I mean, really?  REALLY?  There wasn’t a single more constructive way for him to tell me he owned me, bitch?

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  1. By Leslie Crane on June 28, 2011

    Cat shit. Yum. SO I have a question about that…is that really bad, as in, could cat shit infect your plants with lovely e.coli or salmonella or something? I was actually wondering this the other day but forgot to look it up and then your post so kindly jogged my memory. ALso, can this get into the soil and then INTO the plants as opposed to just ONTO the plants. My husband seems to think that certain plants become internally contaminated.
    And I voted again. Put it up every day, I’ll vote every day :)

  2. By Alicia S. on June 28, 2011

    lol, yesterday was my stepdaughter’s first time cleaning the cat litter, and she came ripping up the stairs screaming because the cat decided to climb in and take a dump practically on her hand while she was in the middle of scooping. I kind of enjoyed laughing miniacally and telling her to get used to it, she’ll be doing it all summer. :-)

  3. By Jessika on June 28, 2011

    I think this furthers the cause for high fences with wobbly tops (cats don’t like wobbly wire) and deer netting on top. Or, just get one of those scarecrow sprinklers!

  4. By on June 28, 2011

    Hi Sarah! I love your blog and it is the first time I´m commenting here.
    I´m in my first tri and also have a love for gardening, which becomes rather difficult with the three cats I own. My question is: what was your doctors advice on toxoplasmosis regarding cats and gardening? Is it safe to do it even if you´re not pregnant anymore? What is your personal opinion? I know you´re not a doctor but I think you´re very smart and have common sense.
    Please don´t take this questions as an intrussion but since I´m pregnant I´m freaking out at every single thing and I apreciatte any advice I can get :-)
    Kind regards

  5. By Sarah Christensen on June 28, 2011

    K - I wasn’t gardening when I was pregnant, so it wasn’t something that I worried about, honestly.  My husband is also the one who changes the litter box 99% of the time, so that wasn’t a big concern during my pregnancy.  Given how much contact I’ve had with cats - my own, my neighbors, my friends - and their various litter boxes, next time I’m pregnant I will probably continue to garden without concern.

    Leslie - I don’t really know, but he has an entire acre to poop on.  He could have picked any other square inch to work with!  I did scoop the poop out because I don’t know what cat poop is like for seeds before breaking down (chicken poop, for example, can burn plants), and now it’s in the compost lol.

  6. By elizabeth Mackey on June 28, 2011

    Hi Sarah, You won my giveaway!

    e-mail me with your info.





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