If this man keeps adoring his daughter…
June 24, 2011

...he will never be under-sexed again.  Oh my.

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  1. By Cynthia Krajcarski on June 24, 2011

    Haha… I thought sex was supposed to stop once children entered the picture. Turns out, both the quantity and quality increase… Who the hell would have figured!?

  2. By Bethany on June 24, 2011

    Yep. Feel the same way about my hubby. I thought we were sex crazed when we were dating and trying for a baby. Who would have thought it only got crazier ;) I know my husband isn’t complaining!

  3. By Adria on June 24, 2011

    Oh my goodness Sarah, I can’t believe how big she has gotten!!! I remember reading your blog when you were still pregnant. I remember your entry about how she’s started standing up and you wondered where your snuggly baby went. It’s amazing how fast they develop and learn. Your family is beautiful!

  4. By Jenn Ryan on June 24, 2011

    Thank you for stopping by my blog.  Your family is beautiful.  Can’t wait to read more about them!!

  5. By Noelle {Baby in Broad} on June 24, 2011

    That is beyond adorable. What a sweet, sweet family!

    And I’m with Cynthia. Who says parenthood puts a damper on your sex life?

  6. By elizabeth Mackey on June 24, 2011

    Gorgeous shot Sarah!

  7. By andrea on June 24, 2011

    hilarious!  :)
    you do have a beautiful family.

  8. By Tracy Roberts on June 24, 2011

    did you build a playhouse?????

  9. By Sarah Christensen on June 24, 2011

    Tracy - Nope, that’s the chicken coop.  I’ve been planning a playhouse with a succulent roof a la Nigel Dunnett though =)

  10. By Tara on June 26, 2011

    Ha! That’s great.

    Here’s to the hope that my love life is a spicy as yours post-baby!

  11. By April Queen on June 27, 2011

    Men have no idea how sexy and wonderful they look when they are sweet to their daughters.  They also underestimate the responsibility sometimes.  Good dads make their daughters feel secure and know what they are worth when they look for a husband.  Sweet, sweet picture!

  12. By Heidi on July 02, 2011

    What long, luxurious locks your Charlotte has!

    And yes, my Joe has gotten sexier as a dad. Last night he was dancing in the living room (in front of our big picture window, in his boxer shorts) with Henry in his arms and suddenly he stops and says, “Shit. The couple from next door just walked past our house and they were staring in the window at me, dancing in my boxer shorts.“

    “Ain’t no shame in dancing in your underwear with a baby in your arms,“ I said. “You look like a sexy beast.“





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