June gloom.
June 13, 2009

For the past ten days or so, the weather here has been uncharacteristically cool and cloudy.  As I am TYPICALLY a sunshine kind of girl, I am TYPICALLY the sort who would be less than pleased about this.

But then again, I’m not TYPICALLY nine months gone.

As it turns out, cool and cloudy is DREAM WEATHER for women who, like me, are so ridiculously heavy with child that they have their own gravitational pull.  I spent a good chunk of the spring sweating like a pig, convinced that if I so much as thought about the outdoors then my armpits would spring a leak.

But now?  Now that it is summer?  Now that the weather is cool and cloudy?  I AM IN THE PREGNANT WOMAN’S HEAVEN.  As far as I am concerned, whatever gremlins broke the southern California weather machine over the past ten days are my heroes.  I would totally perform every manner of sexual favor if they would promise not to fix the weather until AFTER this baby is born.

What are you thankful for?

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  1. By Megan R. on June 13, 2009

    What am I THANKFUL for?  hmmm…give me a minute here. 

    Although my belly button refuses to pop, which causes there to be a flat spot on my tummy instead of a nice curve…

    Although my husband is “ditching me” for the maternity hospital tour this morning (no way around that one)...

    Althouh my SPD causes me to be uncomfortable a lot of the time…

    Although I just discovered a gigantice varicose vein on the back of my leg…

    Although I still have 10.5 weeks left in this pregnancy…

    I AM thankful for the fact that my “bag of marbles” (hemmorhoids) have shrunk just enough that I can most likely avoid having to step back into the proctologist’s office…at least for the moment.

    Yay, me!!  Giving thanks!!

  2. By Megan R. on June 13, 2009

    Oh, and I guess I should ALSO be thankful that even though I said above that I have another 10.5 weeks left in this pregnancy…that I REALLY meant that I only have 9.5 weeks to go…phew!

  3. By Jennifer W. on June 13, 2009

    I’m thankful for bright shiny smiling fat baby faces and wild hair in the morning.  That’s the stuff that makes life worth living.

  4. By Marla on June 13, 2009

    I’m excited that I’m not going to have kids for another five years…

    But I’m also thankful that I get to read about your exciting experience with pregnancy.

  5. By Mama Bub on June 13, 2009

    Dude, I heart June gloom.  Particularly considering summer lasted well into November last year, I’ll take this anyday.

  6. By erin on June 13, 2009

    I am thankful that it is cool at night (we have been having that uncharacteristically cool weather also and wasn’t that thunderstorm last week AWESOME?) because I have been sweating like a pig at night.  Especially when she eats.  MAN does she ever give off a lot of heat.  How do women nurse in 100’ weather?  I cannot imagine.  So, definitely thankful for cooler weather also.

    And that family is visiting this weekend and perfectly happy to take over diaper duty!

  7. By Heather @ Alis Grave Nil on June 13, 2009

    LOL… not a thankful for, but I carried a November baby through summer, and I FEEL YOUR PAIN!  Glad you got some well-deserved cool weather.  :)

  8. By Megan at FASS on June 14, 2009

    I am thankful for:

    My pup to snuggle with
    body pillows
    massage chairs while I get a pedicure

  9. By Elizabeth Mackey on June 14, 2009

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for ya! I lived on the northern California coast where the temp never got over 70 in the summer,and I was so thankful for that with my first daughter, who was born on June 28th. That would have been miserable in hot weather.
    We just got back from France, where it was very cold and raining! Seems like it was like that here in California while we were gone.

    You are almost there aren’t you. Hang tough girl.

  10. By on June 14, 2009

    I am thankful for… my handy dandy husband who fixed the AC in my car.  Try driving around in a hot car in the middle of a humid Marlyand June.  Not fun! 

    Best of luck to you.  I don’t know how the summer moms-to-be do it.

  11. By on June 14, 2009

    haha, that is awesome.  I remember being pregnant in the summer!! What a perfect pregnant summer… well at least for 10 days.


  12. By Dianna on June 15, 2009

    Thankful for - let’s see: Andrew, getting a job, our upcoming vacation, my family and friends, love, cough syrup and cold pills (trying to get rid of a cold before Hawaii), forgiving bathing suits and many, many other things.





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