Just a teensy weensy bit sore.
August 10, 2010

Over the weekend, my family filled the truck bed with weeds five times.  We also knocked down several hornet’s nest and chopped down four or five enormous shrubs to clear space for Charlotte’s play area near the garden and several raised garden beds for herbs.  Okay, fall planting, HERE WE COME.

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  1. By on August 10, 2010

    Probably a lot sore…that is a lot of work.  But I’m sure so exciting to be getting ready for planting.

  2. By Sarah Christensen on August 10, 2010

    Kyla - Actually not as sore as we thought we’d be.  We think its because we had regular breaks.  Our neighbor’s kitten got stuck 70 feet up our cyprus tree overnight (the fire department even came out lol) and we stopped pretty often to go check on the cat and see if we could entice it down.

    We couldn’t.  The neighbor’s kid finally climbed all the way up to the tip-top and carried the kitten down.

  3. By on August 10, 2010

    I’ve heard of saved by the bell but not saved by the cat.
    Hopefully you aren’t more sore tomorrow… sometimes it’s 2 days later that you are feeling it more.

  4. By on August 23, 2010

    looks like your family and mine had the same type of weekend. are you also still trying to get the dirt out from under your nails ??





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