Just for the record…
August 11, 2010

...now that she’s walking, Charlotte’s feet are never this clean anymore.  Ever.  I have to take photos like this immediately after the shower because as far as I can tell, within five seconds of being bathed, every dirt particle in the Western hemisphere will have attached itself to her feet.

I should have kissed those perfect little toes more often when I had the chance.  Nowadays, if I kiss them, I risk exposing myself to the bubonic plague.

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  1. By Heidi on August 11, 2010

    Too funny that you wrote about this today.  I picked Molly up from the floor this morning and was appalled that she had so much dog hair and what not on her hands and feet.  I mean, seriously.  I know I’ve slacked a bit on the housekeeping (baby, husband, then work, and maybe - maybe! - housework, take priority) but I don’t live in a dump.

  2. By Tara on August 11, 2010

    Love, love, love clean little toesies and feet.

  3. By Maija's Mommy Moments on August 11, 2010

    I L-O-V-E this photo.  I am totally going to try to get this picture from my littlest baby.  Of course, it means actually having her sit still for more than 1 second.

    Great picture and great reminder to cherish the moments when they are little because they go by so fast!

  4. By gloria on August 11, 2010

    omg i thought it was just my little one!! no matter how much i sweep and mop my floors his feet seems to always be dirty.

  5. By sarah raanan on August 11, 2010

    Oh this is just divine!!! and i love the stripey little shorts in the background. And those toes look like little peas in a pod..

  6. By Cynthia A on August 11, 2010

    Beautiful little feet, love this photo also!!

  7. By on August 11, 2010

    I love baby toes, too!  I’ve been known to munch on my daughter’s from time to time…

  8. By tracy on August 11, 2010

    GORGEOUS photo. is it straight from camera? I have a couple great feet shots from when E was teeny, but the “great shots” (ANY great shot) are few & far between once she became mobile & could not be bothered with pausing for a photo.

  9. By Julia on August 11, 2010

    can totally relate.  had the exact same feeling at the time.  that’s what I like about your blog - that you take note of the little details that mean so much when you’re at that stage in life!

  10. By Sarah Christensen on August 11, 2010

    Tracy - Yep, straight from the camera.  Well.  Minus the watermark.  I was super proud of myself!

  11. By on August 11, 2010

    Suddenly I’m thinking maybe what we did with our children is no longer done? As soon as they began to toddle we put their sweet little tootsies into a pair of tiny socks and bought a pair of leather “walkers” Stride-Rite shoes. Is that now out of style? We were told it was good for balance and foot development. It’s been years and maybe the tide has turned? I’m sure wondering.

  12. By Sarah Christensen on August 13, 2010

    Lynn - We have two pairs of soft-sole leather shoes for her.  They’re like little moccasins, kind of.  I put them on her when we go out, but around the house I let her go barefoot.  Since our house has 3 cats and a dog running around it, though, all of whom are inside and outside, it needs to be swept pretty regularly.  If I miss sweeping, her little toes get dirty.

    Admittedly, I miss sweeping more often than I’d lke to admit.  We don’t have fur balls, we have fur monsters.

    Anyway, the leather shoes are great, but I stopped putting her in them full time because I don’t want her to get athlete’s foot.  Those little feet get sweaty in there!

  13. By on August 13, 2010

    The Stride-Rite walkers were not soft-soled. They were tie-up, firm soles as I recall. And never, ever did a child get athlete’s foot. I think I would have remembered that. Shoes and socks came off at nap time and night time.

  14. By Sarah Christensen on August 15, 2010

    Lynn - LUCKY KIDS!  I was on the swim team as a kid and athlete’s foot was freaking rampant.  My parents had us bare-foot constantly trying to battle it, but once one kid on the swim team got it and then padded around barefoot in the locker room, everybody else got it.  And we were like ten years old or something, so it seemed like somebody was always tracking it around.

    That said, it was probably only like twice a year.  You know how kids’ memories are…lol.  At any rate, we only put Char in shoes when she is away from home.  Naptime, bedtime, and padding around in the front lawn all happens in barefeet.  What I meant by full-time was that we’ve started taking them off when she’s in the car and when we’re at family’s homes.  And if I can get away with a barefoot munchkin at the park, I do (unless she’s on the play-sets).  I figure she only has another few months of that being acceptable so I might as well milk it lol.

    We haven’t tried any lace-up firm soles with Charlotte yet.  There are soft sole shoes available that should fit her for the first few years and since we both like going barefoot, we want to let her be as close to barefoot as possible for as long as she can.  Of course, it’s easy to say that now.  Next summer when the asphalt is hot enough to melt rubber soles, we might put her in firm soles just to save her feet!

  15. By Donna on August 17, 2010

    Again, GORGEOUS photo!





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