July 11, 2011

My cousin announced her pregnancy over the weekend.  After the usual YOO-HOO and WHOOPEE and OH MY GOODNESS I AM SO EXCITED I COULD EXPLODE (I didn’t have a chance to break into the jokes about champagne HAHA NOT FOR YOU, but give me time and I will) that come along with announcing a pregnancy, I realized that there’s something else that comes along with my friends and cousins and people-my-age-that-I’ve-known-forever having babies: disbelief.

Not bad disbelief or jealous disbelief or anything like that.  It’s happy disbelief.  Just.  Disbelief like WAIT A MINUTE, since when are you allowed to reproduce?  Aren’t you like six years old?  Didn’t I see you swinging on the monkey bars yesterday?  And weren’t you struggling with word problems just last week?

I wonder if this is what becoming a grandmother will feel like.

Speaking of six-year-olds?  I lost my camera for awhile and when I found it, I uploaded this picture from a couple months ago and couldn’t believe how grown-up my baby looks.  Maybe not six, but definitely not one.  I don’t know how, but I’ve really got to squish all this growing-up nonsense out of her.

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  1. By on July 11, 2011

    What a cute face Charlotte is making!

  2. By missjoules on July 12, 2011

    oh my goodness, I know what you mean about squishing the growing out. Dave keeps commenting on how Robin is turning into a little boy and I get all teary. He’s my baaaaaaaaaby, and he’s growing up way too fast. This sounds ridiculous, I know, but I can’t help it!

  3. By Heather on July 12, 2011

    I imagine it must be similar to that to find out your “baby” is having a baby.

    I’m with you on the squishing of the grown-up nonsense.  Last night I told Zack even when he was REALLY big he would still be my baby.  He seems to disagree.  :-)

  4. By Meagan on July 12, 2011

    Your daughter is so cute! That face is just adorable :)

  5. By Christy on July 12, 2011

    I know exactly what your talking about.  I swear I just blinked for a second and my sisters went from 12 to 31.  How does that happen?

  6. By Tara on July 13, 2011

    Just yesterday, my friend said her doctor told her it was time to start getting mammograms - and I’m like, “Oh yeah, tell me all about it I’m interested.“ And then I realized what I was saying and I said, “Wait. Since when did we get old enough to start talking about mammograms!“





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