Last night, 7:14 P.M.
January 06, 2012

    -  I just, I just want to color, Momma!
    -  Okay, darling.  Why don’t we bring this crayon tin out to the table?
    -  Yes, and I NEED PAPER!
    -  You certainly do.  Let me go find some for you.

    -  So what are you drawing, kiddo?
    -  I am coloring Grandpa.  This is a beautiful picture.  Yes, this is Grandpa!  I am using the purple crayon!

    -  It is your turn, Momma.  You need to color too!  WITH! ME!
    -  Okay, sweetheart.  What color would you like me to use?
    -  You use the purple crayon.
    -  And where should I start?
    -  Right here.
    -  And where should I go with this crayon?
    -  You should, you should go here!  Yeah!
    -  What am I drawing, do you think?
    -  That is Grandpa’s beard, Momma.  Yeah.  Grandpa has a hairy beard.  Because he is SO! OLD!  I am new.  I do not have a beard.

    -  I am done, Momma!
    -  You’re all finished?  Can you show me what you drew?
    -  This is a pillow and this is Charlotte sleeping in the big bed.
    -  Oh yes?  Is there a picture of Grandpa too?
    -  No, Momma.  This is a pillow.  And I am going to, going to put it on the fridge!

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  1. By on January 06, 2012

    I love colouring with Isla too. Usually she makes me draw things and she colours them in.

    I plan on making a little keepsake box for all of our children. Currently, we keep everything in a box for Isla. Everything she’s made, ticket stubs, birthday cards, photos, etc. Once she’s reaching that magical age (I’m thinking when she’s pregnant with her own little one), I’m going to sort everything into a nice wooden box. Use file folders, one for each year of her age and put everything in that. And then give it to her, of course.

    Anyway, I thought that that would be right up your alley. Especially since you’re going through this adoption process, keeping all the paper work and the letters you write them…

  2. By Alicia S. on January 06, 2012

    “I am new!“

    lol, I love that!

  3. By Mailis on January 06, 2012

    I want to color with Charlotte. :)

  4. By Molly on January 06, 2012

    Ah, she is so precious. I think if we lived closer our babies would be great friends:).

  5. By Taryn on January 08, 2012

    My Charlotte has recently gotten into colouring too, she’s still in the scribbling stage but to me every stroke is a little masterpiece. My fridge door is getting full too :)

  6. By Tabitha (From Single to Married) on January 09, 2012

    wow - I can’t believe how grown-up she’s gotten!  Such a little sweetie!

  7. By Keri on January 10, 2012

    “I am new.  I do not have a beard.“

    Oh my god, kill me now. Dawwwww

  8. By Vincent on January 11, 2012

    This is so precious! You guys give me hope and so much anticipation for fatherhood :)





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