Let’s just hope she develops her punchlines a bit before sending her resume to SNL.
May 31, 2011

Charlotte tells jokes now.  JOKES!  Like a real person or something!

About a month ago, it became clear that she has all of her colors down.  She can differentiate between BOWN! (brown), GAY! (grey), YEH-YO! (yellow), OWAGE! (orange), PEEK! (pink), WED! (red), BOO! (blue), GEEN! (green), PURR-PULL! (purple), BWACK! (black), and WIDE! (white).  Sometimes she even differentiates between DAHK! (dark) and LIGHT! versions of a color.  And she makes associations with each one.  She associates blue, for example, with her aunt (whose favorite color is blue) and my jeans and the trash truck puzzle piece and certain children’s books and the color of the water at the aquarium.  If we say the word ‘green’ in passing, she immediately points to her eyes screaming GEEN!  It blows my mind.

What happens now, though, is that she instigates asking us KUH-WER? (color) while she points to something, let’s say a pink star, and then she answers before we can.  BOO!, she’ll say.  Then she’ll laugh, shake her head, say NOOOOOO, announce GEEN!  NOOOOOO, WED!  NOOOOOO, YEH-YO!  NOOOOOO, PEEK!

And when she gets to PEEK!, she looks at us like SHEESH, PARENTS, I REALLY HAD TO PICK UP THE SLACK FOR YOU THERE, BUT HA! WASN’T THAT HILARIOUS?!  THAT JOKE I TOLD?  WASN’T IT AWESOME?!  Then she giggles like a loon.

Friggin’ adorable, that’s what that is.

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  1. By Sarah on May 31, 2011

    love it!!! my 3 year old taught my 18 month old to “play dead” she says, “Die JoJo” and Jo obediently throws her head back, closes her eyes, and makes some weird noise. HILARIOUS

  2. By Cynthia Krajcarski on June 02, 2011

    Kids are hilarious! Isla creates her own dialogue too…

    “Is that a green truck?“
    “It’s not a green truck it’s a red truck!“

    “Is that a duckling?“
    “It’s not a duckling it’s a cow!“

    “What does a horse say?“
    “Is that what a horse says?“
    “That’s not what a horse says!“
    “A horse says, ‘Neigh’!“

    And this all happens over and over again. In the car. For 20 minutes straight.





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