Letter to my punkins: 33 months.
April 25, 2012

Dear Charlotte,

You hit two years and nine months last week.

You may have noticed that I did not write you a letter last month…and you will also probably notice that there is a significant lack of photographs of you taken over the past two months.  The truth of the matter is that for nearly two months now I have been dealing with a nasty case of morning sickness.  And one of the byproducts of this is, frankly, less energy.

The way I see it is this: I can use what little energy I have to get you dressed, brush your teeth, and feed you every day…or I can use it to take pictures and write letters.  And if you smelled your breath after eating scrambled eggs with spinach, guess what?  You would pick the teeth-brushing too.

The most important thing that I want you to know about the last two months is that your father and I COULD NOT be more proud of you.  As soon as I began to get sick, routines and rules of the house changed seemingly overnight and although we can tell that you sometimes have difficulty adjusting, overall you have taken this like a champ.

You are really looking forward to being a big sister, OF COURSE, and you are particularly excited about the fact that you are going to eventually have TWO little siblings.  You tell this to everyone who will listen.  First, you tell them all about the reproductive goings-on of my body – about your father’s sperm and my uterus and how the baby has eyelids now – and then you tell them all about how you have to wait a VERY. LONG. TIME. and then POOF! there will be ANOTHER! BABY!  (LIKE! MAGIC!)  “Only maybe not a baby, but maybe a kid, and maybe a brother named George,” you tell people.  “It is called adoption,” you say.

The last two months have also been extraordinary for your development, most notably your recognition of letters, sounds, and words in both French and English.  As soon as you started realizing that individual letters were present in words, you somehow figured out that this meant that letter shapes REPRESENT sounds, and your ability to discern words really took off.  You recognize several words in both languages now.  It’s amazing.

On that note, we recently registered you for attendance at a French immersion preschool two mornings a week in the fall.  I am admittedly a little nervous about this because you and I have never spent so much time apart so consistently, but I think that long-term this will be good for you.  We are still planning to home-educate you, but your father and I hope that such consistent exposure to French will help you build a solid foundation for future language study.  At the very least, it will provide you with a community of French speakers and other young children who live locally, both of which I am sure we will rely on in the years to come.

The most, er, UPSETTING development of late has been your sudden, saddening decision to maliciously torture me give up your nap.  You are not always successful, but boy do you try.

I know that we tell you this All.The.Time., but your father and I love you, darling girl.  We love you with a thousand beating hearts and you are the light of our world.  We love watching you grow, watching you spread your wings, watching you fly.

Momma and Daddy

** Charlotte is two years and nine months old.  I am twelve weeks pregnant.

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  1. By Megan R. on April 25, 2012

    Ah, the giving up of naps.  I hear ya on that one.  Finnley has slowly and increasingly succeeded in this department starting at the crazy age of just turning TWO!  Almost 9 months later, and she is pretty much done with them entirely.  Change and craziness make the world go ‘round, though…or, something like that!  Good luck with it!

  2. By on April 25, 2012

    Lovely letter! I am interested in knowing more about how you are teaching Charlotte French. Do you fluently speak French, and is this how you teach her?Do you follow a program designed for teaching a young child another language? This is just amazing! I would love to do this with my little lady. She is 1 and I am assuming this would be the time to begin. She picked up signing relatively quickly so I’d love to do more with her.

  3. By Sarah Christensen on April 25, 2012

    Desiree - I get asked about this alot so at some point, I hope to write a post about it sometime.

    The basics are that I speak French with her frequently, I make sure that she’s around other people who speak French at least a few hours a week, I read French children’s books to her and craft French storytimes (puppet shows, storytelling, book reading, songs, poems, etc.) for her and listen to French children’s music and nursery rhymes with her.  We also paid a French woman to record herself reading our French children’s books so that I can play them to her in the car and we can listen to them together.

  4. By Becky on April 26, 2012

    I do wish I handled matters with my kids like this.  I wish I bounced from snapping at them as well as you do.

  5. By kbreints on April 26, 2012

    I really cannot believe that she is getting so big. hope the sickness lets up soon for you!





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