Lovely lavendula.
March 16, 2009

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Once upon a time, I lived in southern France.  I was barely 20 years old at the time, something that seems quite distant now (although it felt VERY MATURE and VERY IMPORTANT at the time), and so it is difficult to pinpoint what I miss most about the place.  Is it the people I may never see again?  Or the way large dogs were welcome visitors in fancy restaurants?  The feel of a strong, foreign wind in my hair?  Maybe what I miss most is the carefree independence?  The confusion and frustration of a new language?  The hours and hours spent whispering romantic nothings into the phone to the man who would become my husband?  Although I would never trade my life here and now for the life I had then, it is true that I miss the life I had in France from time to time.

The lucky thing is that every now and then, I am lucky enough to find a glimpse into that OTHER WORLD, that PREVIOUS TIME, and it fulfills the longing and diminishes the missing purely because my soul is overwhelmed by memories.  Today I owe that lucky glimpse to our local Costco, which is apparently selling large buckets of lavender.  I am not exactly certain how many people buy three-gallon buckets of lavender from the same place they buy their toilet paper and their apples, but just smelling the lavender made my heart skip a beat.  For however brief a moment, I was back in France again.  And ever since, I have been playing back old memories.  It is not unlike being reunited with a former lover, with the notable difference that this would be the sort of former lover one HOPES they might run into again one day.  I, personally, seem to have a romantic history riddled with jackasses and therefore I do not have any of these elusive, desirable former lovers.

But I’ve heard they exist.

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