March 05, 2010

The lingering pain and complications from the last round of mastitis seem to have cleared up, so I decided to take Charlotte to the park and snap some photographs.  I know that very few people take as many pictures of the breastfeeding relationship as I do, but I justify it because it is a tremendous part of both of our lives right now.  And also, when the pain was at its worst, looking at the more peaceful shots of Charlotte nursing was the only physical proof I had that it had not always felt like my nipples were on fire.

I was kind of going for an older, battle-worn feel with this image and even though it didn’t really turn out like the version I had bouncing around in my brain, I still love it.  Maybe just because I love her.

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  1. By Andrea on March 05, 2010

    I love this photo.  I wish I had more pictures of me nursing our son.  We nursed exclusively for 10 months and of course, there are like 4 pictures?  But, of course, there at 395203985 with a bottle of booju in his mouth.

    Enjoy these photos.  Never stop taking them.  They will be so precious once she weans.

  2. By Mailis on March 05, 2010

    This is going to sound strange, but…you are beautiful when you nurse Charlotte. It makes me ache for the days when I still got to nurse Jude.

    Thank you for being so open and honest about this part of your relationship. I am living vicariously.

  3. By Stephanie on March 05, 2010

    Look at that little chubby girl! Isn’t it amazing to know that you provide all the food that makes her that healthy and nourished. (aside from the bit of solids but you got her to the point of taking solids so it still counts!)

  4. By Melodie on March 05, 2010

    Gorgeous photo. And I’m sorry to hear about the mastitis. Yikes! That’s one thing I’ve never had in the 5 1/2 years I’ve been nursing. But I’ve had a couple close calls and a number of friends who suffered through it. Glad you are feeling better.





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