Mister Monkey and the Very Strong Baby Fingers.
March 12, 2010

Lately, Charlotte will not allow me to leave home for our daily walk unless she has a lovey of some fashion with her.  You can hardly see it tucked away in the carrier, but I promise you that the neon pink Hawaiian print beanie baby monkey is there.  She held onto it with a death grip the whole time.

THE WHOLE TIME.  Even when I returned home, unhooked the carrier, and slowly slid my sleeping baby onto the mattress, she clung to that lovey for dear life.  I tucked her under the comforter and curled up beside her and held her hand.  I wish that moments like that could last forever.

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  1. By Stephanie on March 12, 2010

    That is sooooo cute! My monkey just did that last night, too! He was laying on the floor having his much “loved” tummy time and when I went to pick him up I couldn’t figure out why he was so heavy. I looked down to notice he had a death grip on one of his toys and I was taking it and the whole play mat with us. He wanted that little talking spider.. lol.

  2. By kirsten on March 12, 2010

    Such a sweet photo. Cute little monkeys, both of ‘em. ;o)

  3. By Alicia on March 12, 2010

    I used to be terrified of “security” blankets/stuffed animals, etc. I used to worry that Jude would be so attached to something, i’d lose it and then all hell would break loose. Then my boobs became his security blanket. He will suck his thumb with his arm tucked away in my bra, twisting my oh-so-tender skin around in his fingers. Now, I wish with all my might that he’ll find something to replace my breasts.

  4. By Kirsten on March 14, 2010

    Hi Sarah - what kind of baby carrier do you use to carry Charlotte?  It looks super-comfy for both of you!





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