December 16, 2010

She wanted to be like her Momma.  So her Daddy cinched the buckles down and wrapped the carrier all around her little body.  Then he stuffed her monkey, her baby, in the front.  And she grinned and she laughed and she strutted proudly to and fro.  And her Daddy chuckled.

And her Momma cried.

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  1. By on December 16, 2010

    That is adorable!  In Ghana, where babies are worn tied to people’s backs; you often see small girls carrying their dolls on their backs (Ghanaians wrap their babies to their backs using a long piece of cloth). It’s super cute!

  2. By Mei on December 16, 2010

    I wish I have a baby like her. She so undeniably cute. Love your bag Charlotte.

  3. By Alicia S. on December 16, 2010

    I cried more at this stage than at any other one with my Matthew. The things they pick up on are amazing.

  4. By Whitney on December 16, 2010

    This is precious. I got a bit teary eyed, too. Especially the middle picture on the right.

    Babies grow up too quickly.

  5. By on December 16, 2010

    You may already know this, but they sell baby-sized baby carriers. I know the ones from Ergo are insanely priced, but they have some cheaper ones on etsy and I have a friend who got a used Ergo carrier on ebay or something for like 10 bucks.


  6. By Vee on December 16, 2010

    That is so ridiculously cute! And you’re doing a great job of teaching by example, obvs! =)

  7. By Sarah on December 16, 2010

    love it!!! imitation is the sincerest from of flattery

  8. By Kate on December 16, 2010

    That is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day!

  9. By on December 16, 2010

    My Charlotte’s daycare teacher tied her baby doll on with a scarf. She was so happy to carry her baby and have her hands free ... just like Mama. :)

  10. By Christy on December 16, 2010

    OMG that is too cute.  I can not believe how sweet that is.

  11. By on December 16, 2010

    adorable! And the picture with her cupping the monkeys head is so darn precious. Very tender moment between monkey and baby! Lol. I love it!

  12. By Cynthia A on December 16, 2010

    This is too cute!  I am making Bailey a sling for her baby right now! :)

  13. By on December 16, 2010

    What a beautiful example of how powerful we are in shaping our child’s life! Absolutely adorable.

  14. By amybeth on December 17, 2010


  15. By amybeth on December 17, 2010

    Wow. my “w"s totally go all the way across the screen. Guess I should have pressed enter. lol.

  16. By on December 17, 2010

    So adorable. My kids use their backpacks as carriers for dolls.

  17. By Katie on December 17, 2010

    OMG so sweeeeet!

  18. By on December 17, 2010

    My mom always said I wanted a baby since I was a baby. I guess Charlotte does too :)

  19. By kate on December 17, 2010

    So. Stinking. Sweet.  I cried like that too, the first time I saw Lizzie trying to carry her baby in my beco (but her papa was still at work—so the carrier was dragging on the floor and she was fumbling—but determined—as she strutting around so proud of herself).....It’s a funny thing, because I swear what got me emotional was thinking about how she may be mama herself someday…and how fast the in between will go!
    xo—kate (of former, not quite famous, cluck and tweet)

  20. By on December 18, 2010

    You have captured the moment so beautifully with your words and photos!  Little Mama Monkey is adorable!

  21. By Laura Bishop on December 18, 2010

    Hi Sara,
    First of all, this post is adorable! Just goes to show what a good mommy you are!
    I am one of your faithful blog readers who thinks you are brilliant and hilarious. You always have witty rebuttals to people’s ignorant remarks it seems. Can you give me your responses on what to say when people ask me, “Oh, you’re STILL nursing him!?“ (my son of almost 21 months.





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