Next time I get all misty-eyed about something my kid says, remind me of this.
July 10, 2012

    -  I just like to spend so much time with you, Momma.  It will be better to cuddle when the baby is out.
    -  Yeah, my belly does get in the way sometimes, huh?  But we can still cuddle, Charlotte.
    -  Oh.  Okay.  (snuggles in and gives kisses)  Momma?
    -  Yes, baby?
    -  I love when you hold me.
    -  I love when I hold you too (getting all sorts of mushy)
    -  But I *REALLY* love it when you give me ice cream or take me to the park.  Yeah.  Let’s do that today, okay, Momma?  Does that sound like a plan?  That will make me SO! HAPPY!

Happiness incarnate…

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  1. By on July 10, 2012

    Haha! Love these conversations!
    I pureed some mangoes and raspberries to make popsicles on Sunday. When my A woke up from her nap, I gave her one and we sat at the table while she ate. She stopped eating and said “Why did you make them without me? You know I like doing EVERYTHING with you. I like talking to you and playing with you. Next time I’ll help you ok?“ All the while stroking my arm. What’s up with these 3 year olds and their mushy talk..I love it!





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