Nine recent memories with Charlotte that I will cherish forever:
August 06, 2012

    1.  After hearing me discuss the Olympics on the phone last Friday, Charlotte asked me what “fuh-nastics” are.  I thought for a moment about how to put gymnastics into terms a three-year-old might understand.  “Well,” I said.  “People dress up in sparkly swim suits and they do jumps and flips and all sorts of special tricks.  It’s a bit like the acrobats that you saw at the circus.”  She puzzled over this for awhile.  “Yes,” she said finally.  “I think I will be a fuh-nastics when I am bigger.”
    2.  We are not allowed to go anywhere without her beloved scooter.  Not even to the mailbox.  Twice, I have slipped old mail in the mailbox on Sundays so that Charlotte can come on her scooter to gather mail with me every day.

    3.  On Saturday morning, Donald injured his back.  He spent most of the day trying all sorts of different things to ease the pain, including lying on the floor.  Charlotte was his little shadow.  When she saw him on the floor of the playroom, she came right over and showered him with kisses to make him feel better.  Then she sat next to him to read him stories to make him feel better too.
    4.  Although we are typically pretty strict on the no-screentime front, we have made some concessions for the Olympics.  Last night, Donald and Charlotte watched about twenty minutes of NBC highlights videos online from a variety of sports.  The sport that stole the spotlight for her was diving.  Charlotte spent the rest of her evening “diving” into her toddler bed – she stood about eight inches away, grabbed her legs mimicking a pike, then jumped into bed.  Donald and I spent the rest of the night chuckling.  Say what you will about screentime turning children’s brains into mush, the Olympics diving event certainly inspired my daughter!
    5.  While trying to climb onto the bed beside me a couple days ago, she pushed down hard on my belly – and the baby kicked her back.  “HEY!” she yelled.  “YOUR BELLY TRIED TO EAT ME!”
    6.  A few nights ago, Charlotte noticed that my water glass was empty at dinner.  Donald was in the kitchen, so she yelled out at him.  “Yes, sweetheart?” he asked.  “Do you mind getting some water for Momma, please?” she responded.  And he did.
    7.  One of the most fundamental aspects of our home-preschool is laying a foundation for solid nature education, so Charlotte and I have recently started focusing on sharing nature sit-spot time a couple times a week.  Last week during sit-spot time, Charlotte and I saw all sorts of new bugs we’ve never noticed before.  When we went to the library at the end of the week, Charlotte insisted that we could not leave until we learned about those bugs.  Suddenly, it looks like nature field guides are going to become something she wants me to read to her on the regular.
    8.  One of her favorite activities is collecting cherry tomatoes from the garden and sharing them with me.  She asks me after each one if it was good, because hers was DELICIOUS!
    9.  We overheard Charlotte singing the alphabet song to herself a couple days ago.  She doesn’t seem to know the entire alphabet song in either French or English (which makes sense because we don’t really sing it to her, so she’s just sort of picking it up out and about), so she started out in English and subbed in half the letters in French as she went along.  Cute!

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  1. By Phase Three of Life on August 07, 2012

    Your stories about her are so sweet. What a caring little girl, looking out to make sure her mama doesn’t get thirsty!





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