Our bird bath.
April 05, 2010

I took this photograph last week.  The next two days were so hot that all the water inside the bird bath evaporated.  The day after that, I walked outside to find two of my cats cuddling together in the bird bath, enjoying the sun on their bellies.

Springtime here is shaping up quite nicely.  Quite nicely, indeed.

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  1. By Cynthia A on April 05, 2010

    Beautiful photo Sarah!  I love the ruffling water and the teal and yellow color in the photo!!  Great job and nice representation of Spring!

  2. By kbreints on April 05, 2010

    I had a cat once that loved doing the same thing. Such a cozy warm place to lay int eh sun! Love the photo!

  3. By on April 05, 2010

    Gorgeous. I love the yellow and teal.

  4. By Restless Mama on April 06, 2010

    I want to float in it.

  5. By Cass on April 06, 2010

    Beautiful.  I think I’d love to roll around and soak in the sun in there too!

  6. By Tabitha (From Single to Married) on April 18, 2010

    so pretty!  we jumped from winter straight into summer unfortunately, but the past few days have been a lovely 60 degrees outside for a change





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