Our friendly neighborhood avocado-hunter.
July 17, 2009

We live in an area that was once a large avocado plantation.  As avocados are not exactly HEALTHY for Hank to eat, we do our best to keep him away from them.  Most of the time, he prefers to carry them around and bury them as opposed to eating them, so keeping them away from him is not typically too difficult.  But every now and then, one slips by.

And if you’re nine months pregnant and your dog finds an avocado, you know what?  You’re much too lazy to actually take it away from him.  You’d much rather photograph the whole thing.

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  1. By Bill on July 17, 2009

    Our shep mix used to LOVE avocados, ripe or not.  If one fell off the tree and we missed it, he’d gnaw through the whole thing pit and all.  The whole operation would take less than a minute.  Probably less than 30 seconds.  Yuck.

    Dogs are awesome.

  2. By tracy on July 17, 2009

    mmmmm, avocados….

  3. By Elizabeth on July 17, 2009

    Um avocaods?  Can I come visit?

  4. By Elizabeth on July 17, 2009

    also? can I spell?

  5. By on July 21, 2009

    I once had a dog who would pick cucumbers off the vine and eat them.  We grew cucumbers commercially, so there was a never-ending supply.  That dog loved cucumbers.





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