Our March homeschool: flowers circle.
March 06, 2012

With family in town, our circle time was sidelined a bit and it took us a few days to get back in the groove, but this is the circle plan we’ve been using lately.  Our current theme is flowers.  I explained to Charlotte that it might be worth it to wait on flowers for a few weeks - at which point there should be more flowers in bloom - but she was adamant that WE NEED TO DO FLOWERS, MOMMA! so that’s what we’re looking at.


It amazes me how interested Charlotte is in this unit.  She has been very interested in picking flowers for her grandparents recently and over the past few days has wanted me to pick apart several different flowers.  She likes to know what the different parts are called and likes to relate them to some of the illustrations and photographs in her books.

** Charlotte is two years and seven months old.

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