Photoshop tutorial: how I create rounded corners.
May 08, 2009

1. Open up your image in Photoshop.  To the left, you have a drop down menu that I call THE TOOLBAR.  To the top, you have THE MENU BAR which is pretty self-explanatory.  The area beneath THE MENU BAR that gives you choices?  I call that THE OPTIONS BAR.  And to the right you have THE PALETTES, which include the history palette, the actions palette, the layers palette, and the like.  This is what opening an image in Photoshop looks like on my computer.

2. Create a duplicate of the background layer.  To do this, right click on the Background Layer in the layers palette and select the option entitled “Duplicate Layer.”

3. Go to THE TOOLBAR on the left and select the shapes option.  Choose the rounded rectangle tool.  You can choose your radial pixels in THE OPTIONS BAR (where the red arrow is pointing).  The images on are typically 576 pixels wide; I use a radius of 60 pixels.

4. Choose an outrageous color, something that is NOT in your image (in this case: lime green), as your main color.  The red arrow is pointing to where you go to select this color.  Then, beginning in the upper left corner, draw a color-filled rounded rectangle over the whole of your image.

5. You should now have three layers in your layer palette.  Make sure the top layer (the shape layer, which contains your rounded rectangle) is selected.  Then go to THE MENU BAR (Layer) and choose the option “Merge Down.”  This merges the duplicate background layer with your shape layer.

6. Use the wand tool found in THE TOOLBAR to select the color-filled rectangle.  Then go to THE MENU BAR (Select) and choose the option “Select Inverse.”  This means that everything outside of your rectangle is selected.

7. At the bottom of the layer palette, you will find a circle that is half black and half white.  Click it and select the option “Solid Color,” which is found at the top of the list.

8. Choose the color of your background.  As my blog background is white, I use white.

9. Last but not least, delete your original Duplicate Layer, which should basically look like a single color rectangle at this point.  Then go to THE MENU BAR (Layer) and select the option “Flatten Image.”

And voila!  Your image now has rounded corners!!

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  1. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on May 08, 2009

    Hmmm, I’m sorry the screenshots turned out so small, guys.  I’ll try to focus on some regional screenshots next time!

  2. By Jinxy on May 08, 2009

    Thanks.  I can’t wait to try it out.

  3. By Jes the Bes on May 08, 2009

    Jing is a great way to get screen shots because it lets you really zero in on the item on the screen you want to capture. Also, it is free!

    I use it and it is totally easy.

  4. By Clare on May 08, 2009

    Love the tutorial. Thanks!!!





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