Present tense.
June 03, 2010

It is morning and I am putting the flag up on the mailbox as I drop in a letter.  The baby could wake any moment, so I am running across the grass on my tiptoes and slip in the front door.  The neighbor drives past and waves as I open the curtains.  My socks are wet from the dew.

The sun is shining and I am singing to her.  It’s a beautiful morning, oh, I think I’ll go outside for awhile and just smile!  She is in my arms and she is laughing as I rub the tip of my hair against her nose.  We are dancing around the living room, her little hand in mine.  She is everything I have ever wanted.

It is almost noon and she is rubbing her eyes.  I am tired from the effort of parenting, from cooking breakfast and playing peek-a-boo and making faces and running to catch her before she falls.  We are tucking ourselves under the covers.  She is suckling, unabashedly making happy noises, and I am flipping the pages of a Barbara Kingsolver novel.

The daylight is warming my toes and she is babbling to me.  Ma ma, ba dee la grrrr da da roo pa!  Her head is on my belly and I am laughing as she tries to blow raspberries below my ribs.  We are waking up from a long nap together, side by side, and I am loving every moment.

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  1. By Cambria on June 03, 2010

    It’s a crazy kind of love, and one like no other.

    Charlotte is getting so tall (at least it looks that way in the picture) and cuter in every photo (if that’s at all possible because she was already so cute).

  2. By on June 03, 2010

    Isn’t it grand to get to be a stay at home mom?

  3. By Heidi on June 03, 2010

    How sweet!  I wish I let myself take naps with Molly in the afternoon…but if I did, I’d be grading freshman English essays at 1 am…such a trade-off.  Maybe I can let the grading fall by the wayside just one day. 

    Ha!  And I love your comment about being tired from the effort of parenting…is IS exhausting.  But worth every yawn and extra cup of coffee.

  4. By AdventuresInBabywearing on June 03, 2010

    Beautiful post.

    And p.s. I voted!


  5. By Alicia S. on June 04, 2010

    I am now halfway through my pregnancy with our newest baby, Scarlett. My husband just landed a new job, so starting a month before my due date, I’ll be able to transition from working almost fifty hours a week to being a stay-at-home-mom to our three children, at least for a solid five months when I’ll be going back to school part-time to finish my degree.
    I’ve made a lifestyle out of missing my son so much it hurts sometimes throughout the workweek. Starting in September, I vow to soak up every tempet-tantrum and diaper explosion to the very last drop.
    (of course it will help when I’m not pregnant anymore and can have coffee again, too!)





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