December 07, 2010

When Donald and I first announced our pregnancy to my father, he immediately offered to help Donald craft a piece of furniture for the baby.  After some time, Donald and I floated the idea of building a bed and a crib that could attach and detach as a co-sleeper would.

That was Autumn 2008.  Just please please please, I said, finish it before the baby is born.

It took Donald an obscene amount of time to finish the bed plans.  He found a design he liked in a woodworking magazine and set to work changing this and changing that until it better suited our needs.  He built a 3-D model in a computer program so that he could calculate the answer to every imaginable question he and my dad could ever come up with.

That was Summer 2009.  Just please please please, I said, finish it before the baby is three months old.

After his model was finished, my husband created a list so that he and my father knew how much wood they would need.  Then they let the wood occupy space in my father’s garage for awhile until they had some free time to start working on it.

That was Spring 2010.  Just please please please, I said, finish it before the baby starts walking.

When they began to work on the bed, really work on it, they spent hours together sawing and sanding and measuring and scratching their heads every week.  Donald began coming home with exciting updates about the progress he and my father were making together.  Since the baby wouldn’t need a crib any longer, they decided to take that part out of the plans.

Now that it is Autumn 2010, they are finally quite close to being done.  We are only a few days’ of work away from having a bed pieced together in our bedroom. 

But now that they are soooooo close, of course, suddenly there don’t seem to be any free days to work on the bed at all.

Just please please please, I hear myself saying, finish it before the baby moves out.

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  1. By on December 07, 2010

    Too funny!

  2. By on December 07, 2010

    Maybe it will be done in time for the next one. :)

  3. By Courtney L @ Bundle of Wonder on December 09, 2010

    I love this!  I also love the line of boots on the cabinet on the wall behind him.  That’s a lot of boots!





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