Rain, rain, why don’t you stay?
October 06, 2011

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Those dark, heavy rains that drench southern California every autumn arrived this week.  We knew it was coming – the weather cooled, the smells on the breeze changed, the animals took shelter – and then one morning Charlotte and I woke up and water was falling from the sky.

I looked at her.  She looked at me.  I said “Do you want to play outside today?”  She said “Yes.”  So outside we went.

Here, people don’t go out in the rain.

When I was a kid, though, I loved splashing in puddles.  I loved playing in the rain, getting so wet that droplets slid off my eyelashes when I blinked.  I loved singing songs about rain and floating boats alongside curbs until they hit a drainage ditch.  I loved the sound of my feet squishing in my shoes, the feel of a warm bath afterwards, and spending the rest of the afternoon cozied up to my parents in my pajamas while they told stories.

I feel like my daughter DESERVES that.  Like I owe it to her to let her splash in as many puddles as she wants.

For the two of us, the rainy season is the season of tasting raindrops on our tongue.  The season of building leaf and stick dams in the creek.  The season of being chilled to our bones and staying outside because we’re having so much damned fun.

It’s the season of visiting nature centers and arboretums and playgrounds that are usually crowded or too advanced.  We’re alone, so she can take her time on the playground.  We’re alone, so the animals near the nature center come nearer and we have the undivided attention of whoever is manning it.  We’re alone, so the arboretum gives us an entire bag of earthcraft supplies and seeds and says ‘we were expecting twenty kids, but we only got you, so have fun at home!’

Because it’s also the season of just plain being alone.

Take your kids out in the rain, people.  It’s nice not being pestered by morons and all, but WE MISS THE REST OF YOU!  And also, I need someone to commiserate with later about what a pain in the ass it is to clean up after munchkins who run through the house with muddy boots.

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  1. By on October 06, 2011

    I live in England, so we have lots of opportunity for playing in the rain :)  I am on the cusp of buying his first set of wellies/rain boots - I can’t wait!

    (Also, a side note, I was bummed to see what looks like a reset of the Best Baby Blog rankings?  I’ve enjoyed watching you climb up the top page and was quite confused and disappointed to not see you there today!)

  2. By Sarah on October 06, 2011

    see, i need to be better about this. It is a PITA to get all 4 of mine dressed for rain and out, and the aftermath cleaning is ANNOYING. however, i too loved playing in the rain when I was little. I loved the smell of rust (i always think rain smelss rusty) and the sound of new little rivers in the yard. Next time it rains, we are OUT.

  3. By on October 06, 2011

    My three year old and one year old love a good rainy walk, some splashing in “cocoa puddles” and guddling on the beach. In Scotland we’d never get out for months if we didn’t walk in the rain and the wind. My two have been used to the rain on their faces since their first weeks of life (albeit with the frowns of strangers on us). It’s good to raise them to be hardy, and how happy your Charlotte looks on it.

  4. By on October 06, 2011

    Ceew - Thanks for the heads up =)  Also, I have to admit I use people in England (or Seattle or the Amazon) as an example.  I keep thinking if you didn’t ever go out in the rain you’d get nothing done, right?  So obviously it can be done.

  5. By Mandey on October 06, 2011

    I loved the rain! I wish it rained like this ALL of the time! I would have taken my little boys out but lets face it, they hate the shower I don’t think the pouring rain and wind would have went over so well here.

    What I find amazing is all of the accidents out here during the rain?! I mean, it’s RAIN. JUST DRIVE SLOWER. I come from Iowa where we drive through everything imaginable and then here in CA it rains one day and everyone starts flipping cars in the ditch. What the heck?

  6. By Jeneva on October 06, 2011

    I love the rain, as does my daughter. Unfortunately, my son does not so much. At least not a cold rain. So while he napped, she and I went and jumped and played. I’m hoping my son will get to the point so we can go out and explore in the rain too.

  7. By on October 06, 2011

    I have a friend in S. California and she was talking about the rain on Facebook the other day. I’m from Ohio and was completely thrown off for a moment, since it had been raining for practically a month already and, while I love the rain, I was getting a bit tired of the cold that comes with it.

    My friend is absolutely in love with the rain. She never stays out of it. She took her six-month little boy out in the most adorable little raincoat and he was very uncertain of it (because of things falling on his head, she said).

    I think all children should play in the rain though. I make it a point to take my niece out in the rain when she’s staying with me and I will take my children out in the rain one day, too. I like the way it makes you feel alone.

  8. By on October 06, 2011

    I live in Western WA so If we did not go out in the rain we would never leave our houses :-)  Love the pictures and think a rainy day cannot be beat.

  9. By Alicia S. on October 06, 2011

    I never appreciated the rain until I had my son, but we make it out in the rain almost every chance we get. We don’t stay out long (I said I appreciate it—I didn’t say I love it!) but we have fun. My favorite part is still the long, lazy bath afterward.

  10. By Weekend Cowgirl on October 06, 2011

    I grew up in the summers and when warm playing in the rain and they are really fun memories. All kids should be able to play and even get muddy in the rain!

  11. By Sarah Christensen on October 06, 2011

    Mandey - You never know.  Charlotte HATES the shower.  Showers, baths, getting wet at the drinking fountain or while watering plants, pools, waves at the beach, the spray from sprinklers - she hates all of it, it’s all the end of the world.  And at first she wasn’t really thrilled with the rain either, but we found one or two things she liked (mud and umbrellas) and suddenly it wasn’t the end of the world anymore.  Our biggest problem is the cold.

    I hate the rain and I extra super double hate the cold, but for us it’s easier to be outside because our house is usually colder than outdoors.  We don’t heat it and it’s in perpetual shade, in a small canyon.  Outside yesterday at one point it was 67 and inside it was 56 - boo!  Anyway, we’re working on ways to handle the cold, but I’m still a grump about it and Charlotte is a little too.

    Jeneva - I’m sure he will as he gets older.  After all, he has an older sister to watch have fun in it, right?  It’s hard to resist fun with a sibling!

  12. By Sara on October 06, 2011

    We love going out in the rain. We didn’t yesterday due to a cold that I’m fighting (that needs to leave pronto!), but we did go for a walk in the late afternoon when it was clear. We usually just go for walks. I’m not a big fan of playgrounds in the rain (too much mud, and too slippery) - I’m going to have to check out the arboretum in the rain. Thanks for the great idea! But, overall, rainy days just make me giddy!

  13. By Maggie on October 06, 2011

    Rain here in our place is a bit crazy. It comes where it wants and there are instances when it might literally be pouring about 10 minutes away but where I am, it’s dry as a bone. Phew!  But I like rain, too. When I was younger, when it rains (or pours!—and my, how it pours!) I’m out there having fun.  Now, mud…that’s another story. :)

  14. By Cynthia Krajcarski on October 07, 2011

    Isla and I go out picking worms when it rains in the Spring. She has a little bucket that she carries and she looks for the worms, I have to collect them though… She will not go near anything creepy crawly, unless it’s dead.

    In Autumn it’s far too cold here when it rains, we’d rather stay inside with some tea and toys.

  15. By Laura Bishop on October 09, 2011

    You’re SO right Sarah! I’m going to get Aiden some rain boots and stop being such a pansy-ass and get that boy outside splashing in puddles and collecting worms! You inspire me! Thank you!!!

  16. By Annie on October 14, 2011

    Beautiful pictures! We love going out during a summer rain shower.





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