Remember how I said that I was going to start blogging again?
January 29, 2014


Well that really hinged on me remembering what my new password was.  Sorry about that.

Can I make it up to you by showing you the funniest picture I have ever taken?

Well.  It makes me laugh anyway.

Earlier this month my family went on a short trip.  A few days beforehand, I pulled out the suitcase to pack and found out that suitcases are to small children what cardboard boxes are to cats.  I’ll bet if you put an unzipped empty suitcase on a front lawn, the next time you look outside you’ll see a kid sitting in it.  Looking at you.  Like they own the place.

But I digress.

Anyway, I put the suitcase out and because my children are weird they immediately piled in.

It was cute.

“I’m going to take a picture,” I said.

“Please smile,” I said.

And that is when I discovered that something is horribly awry with Charlotte’s translation unit from Adult-glish to Child-glish.  When I said, “Please smile,” my four-year-old heard, “Please strangle your sister.”

Sort of like yesterday when I said, “Can you please put on your shoes so that we can get going to preschool?” and Charlotte heard “Definitely take your shirt off and air guitar it up to a song you make up yourself about Clifford the big red dog.  That is totally cool and we definitely won’t be late at all.”

Or this morning when I said, “Let’s grab your sweatshirt and go to the park!  We don’t want to keep Desmond waiting!” and Charlotte heard, “Now is a great time to play hide-and-seek for fifteen minutes.  Ready, set, hide!”

Oh, life with a four-year-old…

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  1. By Lynda M Otvos on January 29, 2014

    Language interpretations are best done by a four year old. We adults really have no clue what words mean and need to be schooled regularly.

  2. By on January 30, 2014

    I love reading about your children and am happy that you are able to find some time to blog again.  I especially love how you share these “real mom” stories - thank goodness we’re not the only ones who are consistently late everywhere due to childrens’ antics.  “I need a CD in the car.  No, not that CD.  No, not that other CD.“  Well, which one?  “I don’t know, but not those!“  :-) Its always interesting!

  3. By Kimberly on January 30, 2014

    Happy to see you blogging a bit more! I’ve always enjoyed reading your post. Yes, this pic totally made me giggle.





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