Seashell dangling pot.
June 18, 2009

For the sake of size reference, these shells were approximately the size of a grown man’s fist.  My sister and I saw them at the farmer’s market yesterday, where they were filled with all sorts of plants.  They were dangling by thick hanger-like wire from the tent tops.

Donald and I have long discussed eventually setting up dangling cacti in small planters.  We probably can’t really kill cacti - at least not easily - and it would take care of one awkward corner of our living room.  If we ever do go forward in setting this up, I think we’ll probably do something like this.  I am in love with the originality of using shells as planters!

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  1. By Katelyn on June 18, 2009

    Very cool!

  2. By Elizabeth on June 19, 2009

    Wow! :)





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