Shutter bug.
February 25, 2011

While I finished eating my lunch, Charlotte snatched the camera out of my pocket and began to snap away.  Pictures of the walkway and me reaching down to hug her and her puppy frolicking in the grass.  After she was done, she sat on the stoop (just like I do) and pretended to look at the images (just like I do) and said MMM-HMM every so often (just like I do).

Amazing, this child of mine.  Absolutely amazing.

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  1. By missjoules on February 25, 2011

    Oh this is too adorable! She takes pretty good photos as well, I’d have expected them to be much blurrier.

  2. By Julie on February 25, 2011

    Precious. Children are so amazing. :)

  3. By on February 25, 2011

    I love looking at the photos my kids take.  Sometimes they are total crap but sometimes they give such great perspective!

  4. By Sarah S on February 25, 2011

    So cute! I love looking at the pictures my kids take. It’s amazing what catches their eye. Every once in awhile my daughter will do a series of “self-portraits” and those are always my favorites!

  5. By mommica on February 25, 2011

    Isn’t it hilarious when they mimic you? I recently used the Mom Count on my daughter - “You better get that marker away from the couch right now or you’re going in a time out. One, two…“ A few minutes later, while she was coloring at the table: “Mommy, can you come get the lid off this marker for me? One, two…“

  6. By on February 27, 2011

    So wonderful!  And you definitely get a sense of her perspective, which is at a bit of a lower height than yours, of course!  ;-)
    But I’m curious.  How did you get the picture of her looking at the images?  Did you run in and grab another camera?





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