Six weeks already.
August 31, 2009

To Charlie, sweet Charlie, my love,

When I was pregnant with you, I always rolled my eyes a little bit at the folks who told me that your infancy would fly by.

I mean, COME ON, they were saying this to a pregnant woman, right?  And as long as we aren’t living in some mystical universe where people shit gumballs, first-time pregnancy feels like it lasts FOREVER.

And I was pretty damned sure that if pregnancy lasted forever, then surely your infancy would too.  That’s simple math, right there.

Six weeks, kiddo.  SIX WEEKS.  That’s how old you are today.  It’s hard to believe that you’ve already spent over forty days gnawing at my nipples, but you have, and you know what that means?

That means that all of those people who told me that your infancy would fly by were right.

Even your lovely Aunt R agrees: you’re bigger, stronger, and more alert everyday.

You have changed immensely over the past six weeks.  There are the physical transformations, of course: your hair is thicker, your body longer, your eyes focus better, your limbs are stronger, your cheeks rounder, your feet less wrinkled.

But what truly astounds your father and me are the fleeting glimpses we get now of the girl you will one day become.  When you were fresh from the womb, you were a small bundle of biological functions and instincts.  Now, you’re still a small bundle of biological functions and instincts, but with a pint-sized personality on top of it all.

Which is kind of like saying, yeah, yesterday this was a television set.  Today this is still a television set, BUT WITH CABLE.

And look, pumpkin, I love watching your personality develop, just like I love watching you grow.

I love that your giggles are still a bit breathy and wheezy, like your vocal chords haven’t quite figured out what to do yet.  I love seeing your eyes light up when you know that I am about to feed you.  I love the determination in your face when you roll from your belly to your back.

It’s just bittersweet.  Every ounce you gain, every inch you grow is exciting because it’s new, but it makes me miss what came before.  I look at you now and I think: HOW?  It’s only been six weeks; what happened to that little baby I brought home from the hospital?

This is one of your father’s favorite photographs of you, punkin.  That seems fitting, since you were looking straight at him when I snapped it.

Pretty soon, you and I are going to have to have a talk about all this growing you’ve been up to.


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  1. By gretchen from lifenut on August 31, 2009

    Don’t blink. Seriously. Don’t. You don’t want to miss a thing.

    Charlie is darling. I like the expression on her face in the second-to-bottom photo. Girl is thinking deep thoughts.

  2. By C @ Kid Things on August 31, 2009

    It’s a ridiculous cliche and all that, but they definitely grow up SO fast. And the growing never seems to stop, either.

    The 4th picture there kills me. Partly because of her expression and partly because of her arms. I miss my babies sleeping with their arms like that.

  3. By Stephanie on August 31, 2009

    Wowohwow, I cant’ believe she’s six weeks. Gaaahh. I’m so happy you take tons of photos as well…the photos I have of J are my favorite.

  4. By sarah on August 31, 2009

    That last picture of Charlotte is priceless. Actually, they all are.

  5. By Elizabeth on August 31, 2009

    SO sweet.  She is just precious, and I know that you know that.  Thanks for sharing these.

  6. By Elizabeth Mackey on August 31, 2009

    So darn cute!!  while infancy is fleeting, and I’m one of those few, besides the mom, love tiny ones, the best is yet to come! Just enjoy every minute, i"m sure I don’t need to tell you this. It is like unwrapping a gift for 18 plus years!!

  7. By Sara on August 31, 2009

    I <3 the pink jumper photo. She’s the cutest little thing. I can’t believe it’s been over a month already.

  8. By Tabitha (From Single to Married) on August 31, 2009

    Wow - has it already been six weeks?  It really has flown by!  She is so, so beautiful.  :)

  9. By MyHormonesMadeMeDoIt on August 31, 2009

    She is freakin’ adorable, really that is all…oh and congratulations on making such a cute baby.

  10. By Stephanie on August 31, 2009

    Honestly? I can’t believe I’m 32 weeks pregnant ALREADY. It is my SECOND but this one flew by like you wouldn’t believe. Possibly because I’m still watching my little one continue to grow (she’ll be THREE *CRY* in October!). This whole “speed” thing is making me so very scared about when the new baby is actually born… Since pregnancy typically seems to go slower than life with a newborn, I’m so scared I’ll blink and the baby will be 2 and Heidi will be 5. Blink again and they’ll be in Junior High.

    I guess all it takes is for someone to have a new baby to fully understand what all those other mothers warned about… time flies.

  11. By Elly on August 31, 2009

    Oh cuteness! I can’t believe it’s been six weeks already, she’s so precious! :)

  12. By on August 31, 2009

    I have a Charlotte…... although she is 17 .  Still adorable (most of the time).  My older daughter is already off at college and I only have Charlotte for another year.  It’s truly torture to think of them both gone.  Well, not gone, but not at home either.  I think those 18 years of having kids is the best of your life.  No one talks about when they leave or what’s good about it.  No one.  So enjoy it…. to say it goes by fast is an understatement.

  13. By tracey on September 01, 2009

    Here’s another little tidbit that sounds impossible but is TRUE:

    Their entire CHILDHOOD flies by. It’s a sucky reality, but there it is. Sigh… She’s absolutely adorable. Take lots of photos. Write lots of letters. Smell her and touch her cheeks as much as you can…

  14. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on September 01, 2009

    Tracey - That is not encouraging!  I feel like I’m clinging on for dear life, and I still can’t keep up.  SOB!





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