Somebody needs her own set of keys.
March 17, 2010

But since I haven’t taken care of that yet, she’ll settle for playing with mine.

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  1. By Cynthia on March 17, 2010

    Babies love playing with keys!  We have saved a couple old ones for a ring for Bailey!!  I figure it will be great here soon!

  2. By Cass on March 17, 2010

    This made me laugh.  I had this thought.  I bought Lexi her own set of keys and do you know that she KNEW that they weren’t “REAL” keys.  To this day my keys are a huge attraction her keys are long lost at the bottom of the toy trunk.

  3. By erin on March 17, 2010

    I made Hannah her own set out of blanks.  No sharp edges and they’re not covered with who knows how many years of life grime.





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