June 22, 2012

The last six weeks or so have been busy, busy, busy in our household.  There has been birth.  There has been death.  There has been yard-work.  There have been extensive wedding festivities.  There have been out-of-town guests.  There have been taxes.  There has been travel.  There have been birthday parties.

This is the last weekend of crazy for us.

Soon, we will have time to be still and watch this belly of mine grow.  And we will have time to dig in the ground and construct the vegetable garden we’ve been planning for years.  And we will have time to teach Charlotte how to ride a bicycle.

Soon, we will have time to invite friends for dinner.  And we will have time to improve our chicken coop so that we can try again to raise silkie chicks (this last round failed).  And we will have time to sit down, talk over our preschool plans for Charlotte, and put those plans into action.

Soon, we will have time to listen to the crickets and guess the temperature outside.  And we will have time to replenish our art cabinet for Charlotte.  And we will have time to prepare a birth plan for our midwife.  And we will have time to ensure that bedtime and naptime hours are kept consistent.

Soon, there will be peace in this home again.

Just one more weekend.

I cannot wait.

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  1. By Heather on June 22, 2012

    I know this feeling. Hang in there. On more weekend!

  2. By on June 23, 2012

    three more weeks to go here… cannot wait either.
    hang in there!

  3. By on June 25, 2012

    I swear, we are the most low maintenance family we know and we STILL get caught up in weeks of crazy. That’s what makes moving to Hawaii so appealing… Besides, you know, being paradise and all.





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