April 09, 2010

Southern California is in that one-week weather transition from not-exactly-an-actual-winter to definitely-summer right now.  Charlotte and I have been celebrating by taking longer walks with the point-and-shoot.

Or, rather, that’s what we were doing.  Then I lost the point-and-shoot.

*** The winner of this week’s book giveaway (A Mother’s Song by Janet Lawler) is Meghan.  Yay, Meghan!

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  1. By Megan R. on April 09, 2010

    In just the last week, we have experienced winterish to totally summerish to sort of fallish.  That is where we are now.  I don’t mind.  The 90 degree day here was a bit much for April. 

    Love the pics…sorry about the point-and-shoot…

  2. By kirsten on April 09, 2010

    Gorgeous weather!! After a warm stint, the Pacific Northwest is back in throes of winter again. We actually had snow in places yesterday.

    Your pics make me want to fly south, to stretch out and sun my limbs all day long.

  3. By Sarah Christensen on April 09, 2010

    LOL, Megan, don’t be too sorry about the point-and-shoot.  I lose that thing all the time.  I also lose my keys, my purse, baby slings, battery chargers, pretty much anything that I can move from one location in the house to another.  SIGH.

  4. By on April 09, 2010

    Oh I envy your sunshine. We are in Alberta, Canada - and just had a snowstorm in APRIL! No power thru last eve and night. :)

  5. By Dandy on April 09, 2010

    The weather has been beautiful and its been killing me to be in an office.

  6. By Megan R. on April 09, 2010

    Sarah - as long as you don’t lose the baby, I guess all is well!  You haven’t lost the baby, have you???

  7. By Cynthia A on April 09, 2010

    I have been LOVING the weather, but we have been outside getting nothing done inside, so here sits my mess I call my house!  OHWELL, no loss :)  Bailey is much better of entertainment!

  8. By on April 09, 2010

    not to be picky, but what happened to spring? we are definitely in spring. summer in socal for me is aug/sept, when it is miserably hot. spring, people, spring. :)

  9. By Sarah Christensen on April 09, 2010

    Leslie - It’s a joke.  I know its spring, but it’s been hot, that’s all lol.

  10. By Elly on April 10, 2010

    Oh no! Hope you find it. Also, I’m jealous of the transition into spring. I thought I was okay with the transition here into autumn, except waking up to a frozen room is not as awesome as I remember it.

  11. By *emilie* on April 12, 2010

    lucky. lucky. lucky.

  12. By Tabitha (From Single to Married) on April 18, 2010

    It got up to like 90 last week.  Today it’s around 60.  I much prefer the 60 degree weather. :)

    ps - I’ve been meaning to ask you forever -how to you put a watermark on your pictures?  I know there’s got to be a simple way to do it but I don’t know what it is!





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