Ten cool things about my daughter right now:
October 03, 2011

    1.  Whenever people ask “How are you?” she thinks they’re asking “How old are you?” so she always answers “TWO!”
    2.  It is apparent to her by how often people ask her “How are you?” that the answer “TWO!” is very important.  Lately when we meet new people, like cashiers or passing bicyclists, she preempts their question.  “Hi,” she says.  “I’m two.  My name is Charlotte.”
    3.  I let her open all of our junk mail.  She rips the envelopes open and yells “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHARLOTTE!”  Six days a week for two months, we’ve had happy birthday mail.
    4.  She had her first cookie last week at a friend’s house.  It was warm and fresh from the oven and she dipped it in milk.  Sometimes when I ask her what she wants for breakfast now, she says “cookies and milk.”  I say “no, we’re not having cookies for breakfast,” and she says, “OH BUMMER.”
    5.  Also heard on the topic of cookies was “I like reading books.  I like eating peas.  But I LOVE cookies.  Cookies are my favorite.”
    6.  Yesterday at a flu shot clinic, someone offered her a cookie.  She leapt at the opportunity, even though there wasn’t any milk.  When she woke up from her nap later, she said “Momma, I love flu shots.”
    7.  She calls her hair color blondie.  “No touching Charlotte’s blondie hair,” she says when I try to run my fingers through her curls.
    8.  We built a fairy garden together this week and filled it with herbs.  It progressed at a snail’s pace because I wanted her to be involved with a project from start to finish.  She did the entire thing naked.
    9.  She farted yesterday.  “EXCUSE ME!” she said as she ran out of the room.  “Too stinky for the baby!”
    10.  Sometimes when I lay her down at naptime, she asks me to stay.  “Momma,” she says, “I need you.  Please stay here.”  So I do.

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  1. By Catherine on October 03, 2011

    Awww!  I loved reading this.  What sweet and funny little memories.  :)  I wish we lived close to each other, your Charlotte and my Isla could be the cutest little friends.

  2. By on October 03, 2011

    “I love flu shots.“ I am still laughing! This is a wonderful list - I might have to make one about my son! :)

  3. By fran on October 03, 2011

    This is beautiful! I loved reading it. Charlotte really is the cutest thing ever :)  I can`t wait till my bub starts talking…

  4. By Heather on October 03, 2011


  5. By Megan Stilley on October 03, 2011

    9.  She farted yesterday.  “EXCUSE ME!” she said as she ran out of the room.  “Too stinky for the baby!”
    - Funniest thing ever!-
      10.  Sometimes when I lay her down at naptime, she asks me to stay.  “Momma,” she says, “I need you.  Please stay here.”  So I do.
    - What a sweetie!-

  6. By Sarah on October 03, 2011

    love it! She is precious!

  7. By beyond on October 03, 2011

    so sweet. like fran (above), i can’t wait for my 2 month old to start babbling…

  8. By on October 03, 2011

    I love those. And I’m pretty sure I’m borrowing this idea. =)

  9. By Alicia S. on October 03, 2011

    Matthew has asked for chocolate milk for breakfast everyday for the past twleve months of his life. No joke. Same exact thing: he knows the answer will be no… but it’s like he holds out for that slight chance he’ll catch me off guard one day and get a yes, lol.

    Also, bummer is the cutest response ever. I’d probably give in to a response like that. :-P

  10. By on October 03, 2011

    Love, love love! (x10)

  11. By on October 03, 2011

    I love this one. It made me smile the whole way through.

  12. By elizabeth Mackey on October 03, 2011

    that is a great list! She is just to darn cute!! It is so cute to see her growing up on your blog, and developing such a great personality :)

  13. By Meg @ Moments Like This on October 04, 2011

    OMG! I laughed at almost every single thing you wrote about!

  14. By Meagan on October 04, 2011

    I swear I said AWW after every single one! :)

  15. By Lindsey on October 04, 2011

    “OH BUMMER” is my response every morning when I realize that I am also not having cookies for breakfast.

    She is the gaaaahdorablest.

  16. By Christianne on October 05, 2011

    Aghhhh…I loved reading this !

  17. By ajira on October 06, 2011

    My son did the ‘two’ thing for ages too. Love it!! What an awesome list.

  18. By Jordan Marie Schilleci on October 06, 2011

    One of my favorite posts!


  19. By on October 08, 2011

    Love, love, love.





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