Ten cool things about my daughter right now (again):
November 04, 2011

    1.  When we celebrated Diwali, I took Charlotte to a nearby mandir.  It is the first time either of us has set foot inside a Hindu temple.  As soon as the staff member led us inside, Charlotte stopped and looked around in awe.  “Momma,” she said, “what is in my nose?”  I told her that it was the smell of incense.  “Oh,” she said, “yes, I need this in Charlotte’s house, YES SIREE!”
    2.  She dressed up for story-hour in a pirate hat, cowboy chaps, fairy wings, and an apron.  When we arrived at the library one of the older kids crinkled his nose.  “What are you supposed to be?” he asked her.  “I am a clever girl,” she said proudly.
    3.  About twice a week, we paint.  Every time she sees everything set up for painting, she strips.  My kid always paints in the nude.
    4.  Actually, she almost always gardens in the nude too.
    5.  Come to think of it, our household is in a constant state of toddler naked-ness.  I honestly don’t know how people convince their children to stay clothed.  These people are clearly magicians.
    6.  Last weekend, Donald walked into the kitchen when Charlotte was eating breakfast and surprised her.  “Don’t!” she yelled then “Don’t scare the crap out of me!”
    7.  Earlier this week, the moon rose before the sun set.  On our afternoon walk, Charlotte kept stretching and jumping.  “Momma, the moon is just, is just TOO HIGH,” she said.  “I cannot reach it.  I need a ladder.”  The next morning, it was very foggy when we woke up.  “Momma!” she yelled from the living room window, “The clouds fell down!”  Then she was silent for a moment, thinking.  “Clouds are in the sky, Momma.  The moon is in the sky too!  The sky fell down!  I HAVE TO FIND THE MOON!  IT FELL DOWN!  IS IT HURT?!  OH NO MOON!”
    8.  A couple days ago we went to the park with friends whose son is still in diapers.  When he needed to poop, he went to a secluded area and squatted down and got to work.  Charlotte followed him.  “Oh no,” she said to him with a concerned look on her face.  “You pooped in your pants!  OH NO BABY!  YOU NEED TO USE THE TOILET!”  Poor kid.
    9.  Last night she came up to Donald and grabbed his face and squeezed his cheeks.  “I LOVE YOU TOO!” she yelled and then she ran off.
    10.  She always says “sing me a story” instead of “tell me a story.”  Every day before naptime, she nestles into the crook of my arm.  “Momma,” she says, “sing me a story.  Sing me the story of Little Tuppens.”  And I do.

Our painting set-up: brown paper bag for canvas, pie tin with paints and brushes, and all sorts of nature materials for her to use (seed pod, corn cob, nuts, rocks, pumpkins, etc).  She lost the dress before she got started.

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  1. By Jeneva on November 04, 2011

    I love all of those! And my daughter would stay naked all day too if she could. My son, not so much. He likes his clothes.

  2. By Sarah on November 04, 2011

    heehee! Aren’t two year olds fun!!!

  3. By Christy on November 04, 2011

    Charlotte is one very clever girl, that is for sure. 

    Until I started potty training Lily kept her clothes on all the time, now she naked all the darn time.

  4. By on November 04, 2011

    winter is what gets us some non-naked time. My son actually brought clothes to me to put on him yesterday. Also, our attempts to start potty-training have made him want a diaper on at all times…

  5. By Amber on November 04, 2011

    That bit about the moon possibly being hurt = gold. Awww. <3

  6. By on November 04, 2011

    I think these are my favorite type of Charlotte posts. They never fail to make me smile.

    She does sound like such a clever girl. =)

  7. By on November 04, 2011

    “I am a clever girl”. Yes, you are.  Loved this post.

  8. By Lindsey on November 04, 2011

    She is magic. Like a whip-smart, adorable, wee wizard.

  9. By Heather on November 04, 2011

    I adore the things she says. Oh no, the moon fell down! And telling a baby to use the toilet…hehe. Why not? He must learn sometime and she’s just giving him an advance warning. :)

  10. By on November 04, 2011

    While I clearly know you know it, your daughter is beyond delightful and you are such a powerfully positive parental model. I love reading about the things you teach Charlotte and I try to add just a little bit of that to my days with my daughter who is just a bit younger. Thank you for your blog!!!

  11. By Amira on November 04, 2011

    Two year olds are such delightful creatures, huh?

  12. By on November 04, 2011

    Love.  All of it.

    Every evening Hannah takes off her pants.  I always tell her No, you need to keep your pants on, we wear pants.  She always says, NO, I HAVE TO TAKE DEM OFF, MY PANTS IS TOO BIG.

    The other night she saw the moon outside her window before bed.  MOON, MAMA!  MOON IS UP IN’A SKY!  IS SO HIGH.  I said, Yes, it is very very high.  It’s very far away.  I CANNOT GET IT, she said.  No, I said, you can’t.  YOU CAN GET IT, MAMA.  YOU ARE VERY BIG AN’ TALL.  No, I can’t, I’m not tall enough to get the moon.  I CAN GET IT. I WILL USE MY ‘TEPSTOOL.

    Oh, I love this age.

  13. By Sarah@Crazy Love Gamble-Style on November 04, 2011

    I adore her.

  14. By Alicia S. on November 05, 2011

    I adore that she takes pride in being such a clever girl! She really, really is.

  15. By Gena@MsDivinesMelange on November 07, 2011

    This post is so full of awesome. If I ever decide I do want a kid, I want one like yours! :)





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