Ten things I love about my daughter right now:
February 06, 2012

    1.  A few days ago, Donald gave her my old broken college laptop (I thought we recycled it a million years ago, but…apparently not) that cannot even turn on.  He set her up at the coffee table and Charlotte promptly started slamming the keys as hard as she could.  “I am working SO HARD!” she told us.

    2.  Ninety percent of photographs I take come out blurry.  She is always on the go!
    3.  Last night at my parents’ house she started crying about something and it sounded completely 100% fake.  When we asked her if she was pretending to cry, she just started laughing.
    4.  Her favorite mode of getting from Place A to Place B is jumping.
    5.  Her second favorite mode of getting from Place A to Place B is spinning in circles.
    6.  She tries to reason with me and negotiate with me now.  When I told her that she needed to finish her breakfast before playing outside this weekend, she cocked her head and thought about it.  “No,” she said finally.  “I will, I will just play outside and YOU! will finish my breakfast.”  Nice try, child, but no.  I managed to find time to eat sometime in the last hour when you were NOT eating.
    7.  Speaking of not-eating, the other night at dinner she did not want to eat.  We asked her if she was sure about that.  “Yes,” she said.  “I am, I am not super hungry.”  Super hungry?!  Since when do two-year-olds use real phrases like super hungry?!  It’s like she’s a real person or something.
    8.  In the morning, she wakes us up with kisses.
    9.  Sometimes when we give her kisses, SHE THANKS US.  Like we’ve done her a great honor.  It’s the most adorable thing ever.
    10.  Recently she found out that she can walk along the back of our couches as though they are balance beams.  I do not allow this because, quite frankly, I feel pretty confident that other people do not want her walking along the back of THEIR couches.  So as soon as she came into this newfound talent, I went to great lengths to squash it in its infancy.  I must have failed, however, because this weekend I walked into the living room to find her balancing mid-way across the back of our couch.  “OH NO!” she said, waving her hands around to mime distress.  “YOU CAUGHT ME!”  It was really, really tough to act upset after that.

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  1. By Heather on February 06, 2012

    These are really my favorite posts. All the things you love about Charlotte, as if you could ever count them. :) She is really just too cute.

  2. By Sarah@Crazy Love Gamble-Style on February 06, 2012

    She cracks me up, she is super-funny!!! : )

  3. By on February 06, 2012

    2 and 5 are happening in our home too..the dizzy feeling she gets when she spins around gives her a high I think..she won’t quit!
    I think Charlotte is developing quite the sense of humor :)

  4. By Alicia S. on February 07, 2012

    I love the “you caught me!“ Matthew does that too. (He gets caught pretty often :-P Little Stinker. )

  5. By Alicia S. on February 07, 2012

    Also! One of the libraries we go to a lot has old keyboards that aren’t hooked up to any computers just sitting at each kid table in the children’s section. Of all the toys there, that is his all-time favorite thing to play on. I keep meaning to pick one up somewhere for him to play with at home… it’s great for spelling things out on.





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