That ever-lovin’ daddy of hers.
September 08, 2009

When I gave birth, I was surprised to find that my immediate emotions were not particularly maternal.  Somewhere along the road, I had picked up this vague notion that when I expelled a baby from my uterus, the world would magically fill with rainbows and dancing butterflies.

Instead, I found myself 10 centimeters dilated, clinging to a strange man who called himself a doctor BUT COULD HAVE BEEN AN AXE MURDERER, WHO KNOWS, screaming that nothing was worth this agony, nothing, and could I change my mind now?  Please?  Because I’d like to take it all back, thank you.

My husband, on the other hand, took to fatherhood like a fish to sea.  She had him wrapped around her finger the minute she slid out of my body, and for the first month of Charlotte’s life, the two of them were never apart for longer than an hour.  Even now, as I type this, Donald is blowing raspberries on her feet and tickling her toes with his stubble because it makes her giggle.

Told you so!

He’s been at it for a little over an hour.  I mean, I love my kid and all, but A LITTLE OVER AN HOUR.  Do you know how much patience it takes to spend an hour blowing raspberries on a baby’s feet?

Yeah.  Neither do I, but I suppose it’s right up there with how much patience it takes to change every diaper for the first week of a child’s life or how much patience it takes to walk your baby around tirelessly because you’re “showing her the world.”

When Donald returned to the office a couple weeks ago, our daughter’s life turned upside down.  Until then, I was pretty sure that if you couldn’t control your own drool and if you regularly wet your pants then you probably wouldn’t notice if someone went MIA.  As it turns out?  Wrong.  AGAIN.

The highlight of Charlotte’s day is when Donald comes home in the evening.  She progressively becomes more fussy throughout the day and then, just as the situation becomes dire, her knight in shining armor comes through the door.

How’s my little munchkin? he sing-songs at her, How’s my beautiful little girl?

And just like that: HAPPINESS.

I flipped this picture horizontally when I applied the watermark so that it would look more balanced.  Instead, it looks like Donald isn’t wearing his wedding band.  He is, I promise.

Not exactly dancing butterflies, I know, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a little bit better.

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  1. By on September 08, 2009

    That first picture of them is absolutely adorable!  We get to find out whether we’re having a little boy or little girl this Friday (the 11th).  I cannot wait to see how my husband and our little one get along.  These pitures make me even more excited for Friday and for February when we can meet our little one!  :)
    You have a beautiful family.

  2. By Vicky on September 08, 2009

    I’m actually commenting on yesterdays post.  I gained 30 pounds when I was pregnant and lost 40 pounds :0)  It will happen, give it time.  And yes your size 4’s will fit again, maybe even a size 2!

    I just love that Donald is so in love with Charlie.

  3. By Mama Bub on September 08, 2009

    Could she be any cuter?!

    It’s good to be a daddy, isn’t it?

  4. By Buckeroomama on September 08, 2009

    She is absolutely adorable!

    In the first photo, she’s thinking:  You are SO under my spell, aren’t you, big guy?

  5. By beyond on September 08, 2009

    i love that first photo. they are in love.

  6. By Katelyn on September 08, 2009

    Both those photos are amazing!  She is beautiful, Sarah :)

  7. By Elizabeth on September 08, 2009

    That’s awesome.  So fun!

  8. By Elizabeth Mackey on September 08, 2009

    That first photo kills me!!!!!!!!!! She looks a lot like you I think. What a super cutie :)

  9. By sarah on September 08, 2009

    I had a c section so ofcourse I was completely useless the first few hours. I couldnt even get out of bed to change Lillienne’s diapers, and I couldnt bedn or maneuver myself to do it anywhere else. Dustin took to fatherhood immediately, like something was slammed into the ON position. It’s a wonderful thing to watch, isnt it? God bless babies and daddies.

  10. By Tabitha (From Single to Married) on September 08, 2009

    Hardly seems fair, doesn’t it?  You put in all the hard work through the day but she settles down for dad.  :)

  11. By aimee @ smilingmama on September 08, 2009

    Love this! After my husband had to go back to work, the first thing he’d do when he got home was take our son and make him laugh like crazy. I swear, at 3.5 years old he still is poised to laugh in the evenings as soon as his dad gets home. He’s just programmed to do it.

  12. By kbreints on September 08, 2009

    oh goodness yes. little girls love their daddy’s for sure! I DID!! Love the pictures. Just so sweet!

  13. By Dianna on September 08, 2009

    A photo sans wedding band? I love that first photo though, super cute.

  14. By chocolate and whine on September 08, 2009

    Love love love that second picture. So freaking cute.

  15. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on September 08, 2009

    Dianna - We totally had a discussion about whether or not anyone would notice.  I flipped the picture over in Photoshop so that the watermark would be a little more balanced and didn’t realize until I posted this that it made it look like he wasn’t wearing a wedding band.  SIGH.  Oh well.  That should teach me to go changing things from their original form!

    (His other hand has the wedding band on, though, per usual, I PROMISE)

  16. By erin on September 08, 2009

    Good Lord she is CUTE.  Cute cute cute!

    Yeah, that’s the highlight of Hannah’s day too.  Fussy fussy and then when Brian comes home - she lights up with this huge grin and her whole body goes wild.  Cutest thing ever.

  17. By Joe @ IrrationalDad on September 08, 2009

    Wow. That IS some patience! I’m so glad I didn’t have a girl. She’d have me on lockdown.

  18. By Brittany at Mommy Words on September 08, 2009

    I so get having the crabbiness mount all day only to have it melt away for Daddy.  It is wonderful and so frustrating!  In this case though - he is putting in his dues - big time.  I too could never raspberry for an hour.  Never.

    p.s. my husband has lost so many wedding rings that I did not order him another one last time.  Have I given up or do I just not care about it anymore?  Hmmm…I am posting on this I just don’t know.  If your readers notice in pictures think how many people notice in real life!  Ugh!

  19. By Jinxy @ Jinxyisms on September 08, 2009

    Those pictures are amazing!!

    I think its great how much Donald enjoys Charlotte.  My hubby loved our Lily and he plays with her and enjoys her but not nearly that much.  It sounds very lovely.

  20. By Amanda on September 09, 2009

    Your pictures are so great!  What a wonderful perspective!!!

    Great blog!

    God bless-

  21. By Samantha on September 09, 2009

    This post totally could have been writen by me.  I thought the same thing give birth instant undying love and affection would come oozing out of me.  Not so much, don’t get me wrong I loved her from the start but wasn’t googoo eyed and in love with her like hubby was/is.  For me it took awhile, I think it’s the whole what the hell did you just do to my body thing that we have to adjust too right off the bat. 
    Ya hours of doing any little kid thing, totally hubby.  Me I’m like 20 minutes and onto something else.
    Don’t get me wrong being a mom is amazing!!!  and there’s nothing like the feeling of your little on saying “No I only want my mom” to make you melt and get the googoo eyed I’m so in love with you oozing out of your pores feeling.
    Love the pictures!

  22. By HoboBaby on September 09, 2009

    Oh how I miss those slightly vacant baby faces. There is something so tender and sweet about them :)

  23. By on September 11, 2009

    you have experienced the Mommy-as-chopped-liver effect. Even though Mommy does everything for the child/house/family, Daddy is fun and awesome, Mommy is boring and useless. Welcome!  (the pics of Charlotte and Daddy are adorable however!)

  24. By Stephanie on September 15, 2009

    Daddy’s little girl in the making. SO SWEET!

    I LOVE the first picture in this post - its PRICELESS. BEAUTIFUL :)





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