The October garden update.
October 25, 2011

This is a photograph I took on Charlotte’s birthday three months ago, when she helped my father plant beans by the fence.  I keep meaning to share it, but keep forgetting.

Over the past few weeks, Charlotte and I have made huge progress in our winter garden.  I made several garden-related goals for our homeschooling unit on pumpkins and thus far we’re right on track.  We’ve planted two rounds of broccoli, cauliflower, and artichokes.  A couple of Charlotte’s cousins helped us plant about two hundred peas, about half of which have sprouted.  The peas will be ready to transplant this weekend or early next week.

Last week, Charlotte and I cleared out a couple hundred square feet of garden space that will be hers and hers alone for the next few months.  I salvaged two old dresser drawers last spring and we finally drilled holes in the bottom, filled them with dirt, and turned them into toddler-sized garden beds.  We sowed carrot seeds in one and parsnip seeds in the other.  I also put Charlotte in charge of two small patches of onions, a few dozen square feet of garlic, and a row each of radishes and beets.  Yesterday afternoon, the two of us drew out a series of three hearts together - each one nesting inside the other.  Charlotte picked out where she wanted the hearts to be and tomorrow we’ll be dropping cabbage seeds in the small one, lettuce seeds in the middle one, and spinach and mixed greens seeds in the large one.  She’s very very excited.

With the exception of transplanting our kazillion pea plants, our food and garden plans for this week are mostly focused on kitchen goings-on.  We have plans to carve pumpkins and turnips this weekend with some good friends of ours, and roasting pumpkin seeds will naturally follow.  But this week I had hoped to involve Charlotte in preparing a turnip and apple salad, baking pumpkin bread, and cooking a root vegetable tagine (turnips, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and chickpeas) - and although we have a busy week planned which may mean that I have to cut some corners, I’m still hoping that we have a chance to at least prepare a pumpkin-wheat bread together tomorrow and make the tagine later in the week.  I think we’ll also cut up a pumpkin this week and bring the baked squash with us when we carve lanterns this weekend.

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  1. By Jessika on October 25, 2011

    Beautiful!!! And…. we got our first frost last night. This isn’t so sad, being that this year was a wash for our garden (since we moved in prime planting season). But, it does mean that our pickings at various local farms will begin to dwindle. Sigh! However, I did find out that apples are expected at our fav local place until JAN or FEB. Astounding.





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