The t-shirt does not lie.
March 29, 2010

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  1. By on March 29, 2010

    This is AWESOME !

  2. By Cynthia Krajcarski on March 29, 2010

    Oh my… Heartache! That’s the cutest mommy t-shirt I’ve ever seen. Of course, I never buy them for myself… If you were to look at Isla’s clothes, it would be very evident that daddy is her favourite… Even though he’s not. Hello, I’m the one with the boobs.

  3. By Christy on March 29, 2010

    I love and need that shirt!

    By the way when did Charlotte get so big?

  4. By Sylvie K. Williams on March 29, 2010

    Oh my God, I love the jeans!!! They are so cute. And how is your husband not noming on her feet?

  5. By Sarah Christensen on March 29, 2010

    Cynthia - I can’t resist the daddy stuff either.  All of the mommy stuff came as hand-me-downs (like this one) or gifts.  So did all of the daddy stuff, but she gets dressed in the daddy and grandma/grandpa stuff more than the mommy stuff because I just can’t resist!  I’ve been known to change her out of a mommy onesie and into a daddy onesie simply because he’ll be home in ten minutes and I know it will make him smile =)

    But, that said, THIS IS MY FAVORITE MOMMY T-SHIRT EVER.  So.  She’ll definitely get plenty of wear out of it!

    Christy - As soon as it’s out of the wash, I’ll let you know who made it!  Also, I DON’T KNOW!  Isn’t she HUGE?!  I just saw a fresh new baby over the weekend, the same size Charlotte was at birth, and I just about died from the tiny-cuteness.

    Sylvie - I think he was just coming up for some air?  =)

  6. By on March 29, 2010

    Sitting babies makes my heart melt. I know what you mean about the new baby thing. My sister in law just had her little bundle of joy and I picked him up and went wait….. Aiden was THIS SMALL?!?!?! What happened??

  7. By Hillary on March 29, 2010

    She is so dang cute! Her smile melts my heart and I just want to kiss those chubby cheeks!

  8. By on March 29, 2010

    Oh my. I heart this picture! Look at that little smile, that says, Yes, I am adorable! And her little chunky monkey rolls. So cute!

    (New babies make me stop in wonder. I know Nia was that small once, but it still astounds me! They grow so FAST!)

  9. By Stephanie on March 29, 2010

    No it doesn’t. And may I add.. those little pants are THE cutest!

  10. By Sarah Christensen on March 29, 2010

    Okay, the shirt is from Old Navy, size 12-18 months!  It’s a couple years old, but they might make something similar now, you never know.

  11. By *emilie* on March 30, 2010

    oh my ! that chub !

  12. By Elizabeth on March 30, 2010

    Nope.  I also need three of those shirts.

  13. By Elizabeth on March 30, 2010

    meaning “Nope, not a word of a lie”





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