This house should hold a family.
July 01, 2009

When we bought our house, Donald picked me up and carried me over the threshold.  He banged my head on the hallway door frame.  Twice.  And then he apologized profusely as he laid me onto our mattress.  We stayed up for hours that night whispering about our good fortune, sore from lifting boxes and exhausted from cleaning kitchen cabinets and unbelievably happy to have found a home.

This house should make a lot of noise.

When we installed our floor, we chose the hardest wood we could afford.  We knew there would be scratches from little girls wearing Momma’s heels, from little boys running around in cleats, from teens stomping their feet, from college kids rolling out suitcases.  When we made the decision to move four houses away from my childhood home, we did so because we knew that the community here is a rarity in southern California.  We knew that one day we would hear our kids chasing each other across our lawn and we would look at one another and be unbelievably happy to have found a home.

This house should hold a lifetime of memories.

We knew this foyer would be where my husband would scowl at boys who took our daughters to Prom.  We knew this spare room would be where my mother-in-law would sleep when she visited.  We knew this living room would be a place where babies clapped their hands and grandfathers taught children to whistle and cousins shrieked with my husband tickled them.  We knew that we would create hundreds, thousands, MILLIONS of memories here.  We knew that the memories would make this place a home.

This house should hold a family.

That’s what Donald said to me on our first night within these walls.  I am two days into my maternity leave and all I can think about is how right he was.  There is too much silence here.  There are too few memories here.  There is not enough of a family between these walls to make it a home.

I want this baby to help me remedy that.

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  1. By Cate Subrosa on July 01, 2009

    Beautiful post. You have me very excited about our new home :)

  2. By Marla on July 01, 2009

    Wonderful post. I’m sure you’re family will be very blessed in that house.

  3. By Steph on July 01, 2009

    Well put.  Everyone should have that perfect place to raise a family.

  4. By gretchen from lifenut on July 01, 2009

    That’s beautiful.

    Our first baby was brought home to the tiniest hovel apartment. I felt bad, but we had an “we 3 against the world” philosophy which served us well during those days. Bootstraps and all that.

    Now we live in our Home. The boys thunder up and down the stairs, our tween girl slams doors, the baby shrieks and babbles,  our toddler giggles and tantrums underfoot in the kitchen.

  5. By Vicky on July 01, 2009

    You always write such awesome things.  I love it.

  6. By Heidi on July 01, 2009

    And to think I was hoping for photos of your home at the end of this e-mail. :) Segel: get cracking on that photo function!

    What a sweet little post. If I were a wise-crackin’ granny, I’d say: “Be careful what you wish for, honey.“

  7. By Homeslice on July 01, 2009

    what’s weird is that our first home was tiny and we ended up moving out of it when our first daughter was 6 months old.  whenever i go back to the neighborhood and gaze at the house, i feel an overwhelming sadness/nostalgia for all the memories in that house . . . and an immediate desire to eschew the suburbs and their “good schools” and return to the city.  there is something so special about the house where your first is born, or where you lived when you were first married, etc.

  8. By Elizabeth Mackey on July 01, 2009

    Your blog is my guilty pleasure for the day! I love checking on here to see your progress and what may be going on with your pregnancy.
    I love this post, because it is the beginning of your new chapter for your new family and the wonderful home you will have. I so excited for you and your husband, and look forward to living vicariously through your posts.

  9. By courtney from mommie blogs on July 01, 2009

    WHat a beautifully written post!  So enough that silence will be broken and your home with certainly hold your family!

  10. By Wild Dingo on July 01, 2009

    Maternity leave? seriously? I thought this blog was your job. no seriously. I got the slow brain when they handed them out.  WTF do you do for real? :)

  11. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on July 01, 2009

    Wild Dingo, if this blog were my job, my husband would be very, very sad.  It doesn’t generate any income whatsoever, it’s just a fun side thing to do.  Eventually, I plan on setting it up so that people can order prints, but I’m not there yet.

    The real job is something I don’t discuss on the Internet, though.  I work for a very small family-owned company and I don’t want to be the person who puts people who have known me my whole life in the position of being talked about or googled online without their permission.

  12. By Elly on July 01, 2009

    Oh <3, I love that your whispered plans are coming to life. Go you guys :)

  13. By StephanieSays on July 01, 2009

    What a sweet lovely sentiment!

    They say that to be successful in life - you must first identify your goal and then write it down / share it with others.

    You have done so here - with this sweet vision of your future.


  14. By on July 01, 2009

    Sarah, this is such a lovely post!!  Sounds like a perfect house for making many, many years’ worth of memories!!


  15. By Joe @ Irrationaldad on July 02, 2009

    That’s one of the things Sarah (my wife) doesn’t like about our house. She says that it doesn’t feel like a ‘home’. Of course, this pisses me off, because I don’t want to deal with the hassles of selling one house while simultaneously trying to buy another.

  16. By Lauren on July 02, 2009

    Oh I am jealous - not only of your writing skills, but the fact you have a stable home.  We don’t even know if we’ll be in the same country this time next year.

  17. By Baby Pushchairs on July 04, 2009

    That’s a nice way of putting things Sarah.. I get nostalgia just reading your account of things- I’m very happy for you. Hopefully your baby will be born to fill those walls with more joy soon..

  18. By Tabitha (From Single to Married) on July 14, 2009

    So very sweet.  And I agree - children should fill up a home with their laughter and their noise.





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